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Capitol Report for February 3: Trump’s best speech yet, and a quick vote on ‘Step Up Oklahoma’ tax hike proposals?

News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provided.
News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provided.

In the latest edition of Capitol Report on news9, Patrick B. McGuigan described President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address as his best speech yet. The CapitolBeatOK editor said the speech was “magnificently crafted.” McGuigan hailed the emphasis on human rights concerns in North Korea, and the introduction of dissident Ji Seong-ho, who lost his legs in attempts to escape the brutal communist dictatorship.

Taking a critical tone of some details in the speech, McGuigan pointed out that there was no need to overstate the scale of recent Republican tax reforms and reductions, an action which was “significant enough in and of itself.” Trump was incorrect in saying the reductions were the largest in American history. McGuigan also said it was jarring for the president to conflate his treatment criminal elements among immigrants with the “Dreamers.” That seemed, the analyst said, to undercut Trump’s own support to provide a path toward legal status and citizenship for more than a million and half of the “dreamers.”

McGuigan pointed out that most after-speech polls found overwhelming approval for Trump’s address, reaching 75 percent in a CBS News survey. Reporter Alex Cameron then asked McGuigan about a Tulsa World news story predicting a quick vote on the “Step Up Oklahoma” tax hikes. He replied that the debate may include the phrase “a work in progress” – possibly indicating time will be provided to challenge or change details of the plan.

McGuigan said three scenarios seem possible: 1) Backers have the votes needed to prevail and will press their advantage immediately; or 2) Tax hike supporters know they may fall just short of the margin needed to increase revenues, but will press for a vote so that, even if they lose, further pressure can be brought to bear on swing votes in the House; and/or 3) the measure will be pulled from the floor to allow advocates of the tax hikes to fight another day.

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