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Capitol Report for January 27: Fallin’s Finale, Tax Foundation’s critical analysis of “Step Up” Plan, Humphreys rejoins John Rex school board

News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provided.
News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provided.

In this week’s Capitol Report segment on News9, Patrick B. McGuigan, in discussion with reporter Alex Cameron, looked ahead to “Fallin’s Finale” – Governor Marry Fallin’s last State of the State address scheduled for Monday, February 5. McGuigan predicted Fallin will reach out to her conservative base in the Legislature, many of them disenchanted with her recent proposals. She has a “tough assignment,” as is the case with any governor or other chief executive delivering their last major speech, he reflected Fallin will always be Oklahoma’s first female governor, and that might come up in some way during the address.

The CapitolBeatOK editor noted that Fallin, a political veteran, has the help of aides like Chris Benge (the former state House Speaker) and Michael McNutt (a former journalist) in crafting themes for her final set of major proposals. McGuigan focused briefly on a news story about the Tax Foundation analysis of the “Step Up Oklahoma” tax plans. The organization which studies tax policy nationwide said the proposal would make the state system “more complex and progressive, not simpler or more neutral.”

Wrapping up, McGuigan summarized his news report updating former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys’ role at the downtown John Rex Charter elementary school. The governing body here considered Humphreys role, in wake of a letter from parents supporting him. After controversy surrounding his comments about human sexual behavior, Humphreys left the board of Regents for the University of Oklahoma, a sponsor of the grade school. In mid-January, Humphreys was returned the charter board after the board heard supportive comments about his positive role, including as the institution’s founder, at John Rex.

Watch the Capitol Report for January 27

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