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News9 Capitol Report for September 2: ‘Cruelty is winning,’ national columnist says, … and GOP positioned to handle state budget challenge

News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provide.
News9 Alex Cameron (left0 and Patrick B. McGuigan, CapitolBeatOK editor, give the Capitol Report. Photo provided.

On this week’s edition of Capitol Report, analyst Patrick B. McGuigan praised the columns of conservative writer David French, who challenges both extremes of the current American spectrum. McGuigan observed French, an Iraq war veteran, can take the heat, having already faced literal combat. From a recent French esaay: “If 2016 is the year when our political parties failed, inflicting on America arguably its worst presidential choice in our nation’s history, then 2017 is when our broader institutions began to lose their collective minds.

This is the year when reasonable men surrendered to unreason — when political tribalism trumped human decency.” French, as McGuigan summarized described a now-infamous incident days ago at the University of California at Berkeley, described the moments after members of an “Antifa” group leapt over barricades erected to protect marchers, brutally to beat people moving peacefully through a park. Police merely watched because attackers were purportedly engaged in free speech.
The CapitolBeatOK editor concurred with French’s lament that some intellectuals are romanticizing political violence. In another essay, French described the plight of an acquaintance who leans conservative, but whose life is now miserable due to highly personal attacks from supporters of the president who brook no opposition. French reflected, as McGuigan quoted: “Our nation thrives in the midst of disagreement. It withers, however, in the face of unrelenting cruelty, and I fear that for now, cruelty is winning the day.”
Closer to home, McGuigan reiterated that Republicans are best positioned to find a path through troubled state budget and spending challenges. Despite talk of a billion dollars in tax hikes, the CapitolBeatOK editor predicted that was “not going to happen.” If Republican leaders decide to pursue higher taxes or revenues, they will need votes from Democrats.

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