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Senate District 45 Primary: Steven Vincent for the Democrats … and for a good Republican

teven Vincent is a Democratic candidate in the August 8 special primary for state Senate District 45. Photo Provided
Steven Vincent is a Democratic candidate in the August 8 special primary for state Senate District 45. Photo Provided

Editorial, The City Sentinel

On Tuesday, August 8, state senate District 45 voters in the two major political parties will choose their nominees.

The election is necessitated by the departure of Kyle Loveless, the Republican incumbent who admitted he violated campaign finance laws. The district spreads across multiple jurisdictions in the southwest/south sections of the capital city area.

One candidate in the Democratic primary admitted, in a 2013 incident, domestic abuse in the presence of a child. That person should not be the nominee.

The second hopeful in the Democratic primary is Steven Vincent, a man of character who has worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department as an emergency dispatcher.

Encouraged by recent results in local races, it is essential that Democrats present a viable nominee of character to carry the party’s banner proudly in the November 14 special general election.

The City Sentinel endorses Steven Vincent as the Democratic nominee.

A total of seven candidates filed in the Republican race.

Four are from Oklahoma City: Brian Walters, Paul Rosino, Duane Smith and Dr. Diane Means. Two are from Mustang: Kerry Pettingill and Scott Harris. One hopeful, Mathew Hamrick, is from Yukon.

Each candidates professes conservative values.

Voters should ask each candidate if he or she will support smart criminal justice reforms so that fewer non-violent people are incarcerated, work to assure that revenue-related measures can withstand constitutional challenges, scrutinize the budgets of all agencies, and support audits to identify areas where government can be made more efficient – including in administration of the schools that are so essential to our shared future.

Under special election rules, the primary front runner will be the nominee. There is no run-off this time.

The City Sentinel encourages Republicans to nominate the person who gives the best answers to these substantive questions.

If Republicans are discerning, and if Democrats nominate Steven Vincent, a positive November result is certain, regardless of who wins.

Good will, integrity and persistence all matter in governance.

Oklahoma deserves better than it’s been getting.

The search for “better” continues on August 8.

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