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Capitol Report for August 12: Making both sides mad – Voter fraud happens, time for Republicans to think about Carter, not Clinton

alex and pat
News 9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and CapitolBeatOK editor Patrick B. McGuigan cover the Capitol Report. Photo provided.

In the August 12 edition of Capitol Report on News9, the CBS affiliate in Okalhoma City, analyst Patrick B. McGuigan remembered an expression of the current dean of journalism at the University of Oklahoma: “We’re doing our job when we make both sides of the political spectrum mad.”

The CapitolBeatOK editor opened this week’s segment listing the reasons for his assertion that former President Barack Obama was wrong when he described voting fraud as “fake news.” Sketching details from a Heritage Foundation analysis of 1,071 specific instances of voting irregularities, McGuigan said, “Rare is not the same as ‘never.’”

In dialogue with reporter Alex Cameron, the CapitolBeatOK editor turned to the presidency of Donald Trump. A lifelong Republican, McGuigan shared the story of his departure from the GOP due to Trump’s behavior, attacks on allies and presidential style.

McGuigan agrees with National Review commentator David French who, in a recent commentary, called on Republicans to stop talking about Hillary Clinton and start focusing on the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. Americans think of Carter as a bad president but a good man, McGuigan noted. He wondered what will be the assessment, four years hence, of Donald Trump.

Watch the Capitol Report for August 12


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