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Endorsements for April 4, 2017

photo CS Online SentinelEndorsementsApril42017 4-2-17

The City Sentinel newspaper

OKLAHOMA CITY – On April 4, 2017, voters in Oklahoma City will head to the polls for important city, county and school district elections.

Some confusion exists because some balloting on April 4 is for political party nominations. Victors in the two major parties will be nominated, but not elected, for the position.

In the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s race, a total of six candidates are running in the primary (four Republicans, two Democrats). Unlike “normal” election cycles, there will be no runoff. That is, the candidate securing the most votes on April 4 (whether or not he gains a majority) will be the party nominee in a special general election in September.

In contrast, for certain school board and city council races on April 4, the victors will be elected to the respective positions.

The City Sentinel newspaper endorses the following candidates in the designated races.

In the Oklahoma County special primary election for each major party:
For Sheriff, Republican P.D. Taylor; and Democrat Mike Hanson.

In the Oklahoma City School Board general election:
In District 2, Rebecca Budd.
In District 1, Charles Henry.
For Board Chairman: Stan Hupfeld.

In the Oklahoma City Council general election:
In Ward 4, Richard Morrissette.

By the tradition, endorsements from The City Sentinel are non-partisan, and an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates. This aims to encourage qualified individuals to seek public office and serve of community and state. For Tuesday’s election, that remains the case in each of the races listed above, except for one.

In the case of this year’s Republican primary for county sheriff, this newspaper supports P.D. Taylor, without directly opposing either Brett Macy or Darrel Sorrels.

With due respect to those who disagree, The City Sentinel opposes the nomination of Mike Christian, the fourth candidate in the GOP primary.

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