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Editorial: Top Ten Reasons NOT to make Mike Christian the Republican nominee for Oklahoma County Sheriff

OK County Sheriff

The City Sentinel newspaper

1. Mike Christian’s ‘Distasteful Toast’ – Details in page one story in The Oklahoman, March 31, 2017.

2. Last year, his campaign literature inaccurately claimed that he had the support of U.S. Sen. James Lankford, U.S. Rep. Steve Russell and U.S. Rep. Tom Cole. In fact, not one in that trio of well-known Republicans backed him.

3. This year, he authorized a campaign mailer that some interpreted as an endorsement of his sheriff’s campaign; the Highway Patrol had to issue a disavowal.

4. Mike Christian was reprimanded, while a state trooper, because he violated rules of conduct, leading to a two-day suspension for “immoral behavior” – an alcohol violation and a failure to be truthful.

5. He was the intended beneficiary of Randy Terrill’s bribery scheme to get an incumbent to leave office so he (Christian) could snag a state Senate seat.

6. A leading gun-owners’ rights group says Mike Christian has misled Oklahomans about his record on Second Amendment issues.

7. That significant workers’ comp award for a car accident that happened on his way to the state Capitol.

8. Former Sen. Ralph Shortey and former Rep. Randy Terrill are two of his Best Buds.

9. He has three Republican primary opponents. Each one is better suited for the job of sheriff.

10. The last thing the Republican Party needs is another scandal.

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