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Editorial: P.D. Taylor for Oklahoma County Sheriff

P.D. Taylor.  Photo provided.
P.D. Taylor. Photo provided.

The City Sentinel newspaper

This newspaper has contended, in previous editorials, that there are three qualified candidates for Oklahoma County Sheriff. And, there is one who does not deserve your vote or your confidence. The case against the latter individual has been made.

Not enough good has been said about the best candidate in the bunch.

Voters can only cast one for this office, and the best choice is P.D. Taylor, a proven veteran of law enforcement, a stellar professional and a solid citizen.

In this time of challenge and controversy for the sheriff’s department, P.D. Taylor has the depth of experience needed to take the agency forward in the difficult days to come. He has amply demonstrated this and more in just one month at the helm.

As interim sheriff, he has already started to turn the office “ship” around, focusing patrol activity on the country’s unincorporated areas, reinstating the warrants team and refocusing its efforts, emphasizing emergency response call times, directing fresh scrutiny to applicants for vacant positions, and guiding DUI operations in the best direction.

On the jail challenges, he is boosting supervision and devoting special attention on the night shift, directing quicker release for those ordered to be let out and guiding other positive steps.
Taylor wants a new jail, but knows that will take time and work. He has the patience and professionalism to do what is right.

In a widely circulated statement, P.D. Taylor told voters:

“I am honored to be your Acting Sheriff. In order to fix the problems at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, daily hard work and making positive steps for change are vital. I am working hard every day to make changes to what hasn’t been working. A battleship takes time to turn, but everyday these improvements are helping. Morale is improving. Public safety has been my lifelong goal. I ask for your vote April 4. Together we can make things better and more safe.”

Friend and neighbors, choose wisely on Tuesday. Vote for P.D. Taylor.

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