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Capitol Report for November 19: Big Wind blown away, and other election day surprises

News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and The City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan on Capitol Report.
News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and The City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan on Capitol Report.

On the latest edition of Capitol Report, Patrick B. McGuigan pointed to the defeat of the “Big Wind” industry and lobby as one example of election day surprises. In Vermont, home of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders – which Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton carried by 29 percent – voters angry over aggressive wind farm siting policies and related issues elected Republican Phil Scott as governor.

Scott campaigned against wind industry practices. Closer to home, departing state Senate Finance Chairman Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, told the Incentive Evaluation Commission that the state Zero Emission Facility Tax Credit should be eliminated sooner (in 2017) rather than later.

In 2010, the credit cost state tax coffers $3.7 million, but the slash in revenue reached $100 million in 2015. In discussion with News9 reporter Alex Cameron, McGuigan pointed to two surprises in state election results. First, Republicans surged in the state House of Representatives to 75 members.

Even though Republicans never “right-sized” government as promised in the 2010 and 2014 campaigns, the CapitolBeatOK editor believes that “nationalization” of the 2016 campaign yielded Republican gains. Conversely, Democrats performed impressively in a few state House races in Oklahoma City, with incumbent Rep. Cyndi Munson beating Matt Jackson, a well-qualified Republican, in House District 85.

In District 92 (Richard Morrissette’s old seat), a good GOP candidate, Joe Griffin, lost to a Democrat. And, in District 93, Democrat Mickey Dollens won a seat that had been held by Republican state Rep. Mike Christian.

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