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In House District 85: Matt Jackson is the best choice for Republicans

Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson

July 10, 2016 – After the death of the beloved David Dank, the long-term incumbent in this district that sprawls over the north-central heart of Oklahoma City, the GOP lost the seat. This remains a Republican-leaning area, but with notable nuances.

The Democratic incumbent has been in office only a short time, but is popular and hard-working. Republicans have to put forward their best candidate to have any chance in the November general election.

Voters who live in the district are diverse. Debates here are often contentious.

However, there was and is wide spread bipartisan agreement with the Dank philosophy that government incentive programs for private business should be limited and efficient. Matt Jackson is the only Republican candidate in this election who would carry that message into the general election and into a possible term at the state Capitol.

Jackson is a multi-issue conservative who can trusted to watch out for the public interest. He has paid his dues several times over for the Republican Party. Matt is a father and husband, a long-time Boy Scout leader and a lifelong resident of District 85.

On August 23, Republicans can do the entire state a public service by nominating a good person, a good citizen and a true conservative – Matt Jackson.

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