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Oklahoma Planned Parenthood group celebrates milestones and introduces new CEO


By Darla Shelden
City Sentinel Reporter

Members and supporters of Planned of Central Oklahoma (PPCO) will toast to its recent merger with Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri (PPKM) on Friday, July 8 at 5 p.m., at IAO Gallery, 706 W. Sheridan Avenue, in Oklahoma City.

During the event, the organization, which is now renamed as, “Planned Parenthood Great Plains” (PPGP) will also honor the affiliate’s long-time medical director, Dr. Frank F. Wilson, III.

After 25 years of serving Planned Parenthood patients and overseeing the health care system’s medical protocols, Dr. Wilson is stepping down.

A  PPCO Facebook page post reads, “We are so happy to be celebrating the birthday and retirement of our Medical Director Dr. Frank Wilson. Thank you for your service!”

Dr. Andrew Broselow will now serve as Associate Medical Director in Oklahoma City, under the direction of PPGP Medical Director, Dr. Orrin Moore.

Attending the event will be the PPGP Board of Directors, Presidents Club donors, PPGP senior leadership and PPGP President and CEO, Laura McQuade, former president and CEO of PPKM. This will be McQuade’s inaugural PPGP event.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to combine two well-established reproductive and sexual health care providers under one system, which will reach more women and men who need crucial preventive health care,” McQuade said.” The merger strengthens our mission to provide health care to diverse communities with different and changing needs,”

PPGP will be headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, with administrative offices in Oklahoma City. The new affiliate will operate a total of nine health centers in four key metro communities, including Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, and Columbia, MO.

Recently, in what is being called one of the biggest abortion-related decisions in two decades, the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-3 decision on “Whole Women’s Health vs. Hellerstedt” struck down two Texas laws. One required doctors to have local hospital admitting privileges, the other required clinics to have hospital-like standards.

As reported by the City Sentinel, McQuade said the court opinion “cemented what we have always known – that admitting privileges and “ASC” requirements are medically unnecessary and their sole intent is to restrict access to abortion services, not to protect the health and safety of patients.

McQuade said the organization “will continue fighting these medically unnecessary laws until a person’s right to choose is equal to a person’s ability to access safe, legal abortion.”

Read the full decision here.

Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive health care, education, information, and outreach to nearly five million women, men, and adolescents worldwide in a single year.

The Planned Parenthood family will celebrate these events on July 8 with food, drinks and a champagne toast.

In related news, McQuade released the following statement on July 1 expressing the group’s satisfaction with restoration of status in a state health program:

“Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPHeartland) and Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP, formerly Planned Parenthood Central Oklahoma) are pleased that Oklahoma Health Care Authority has reconsidered its termination of Planned Parenthood from SoonerCare. We have negotiated new contracts. We celebrate this outcome for the thousands of Medicaid patients who choose Planned Parenthood for their health care.  Like all SoonerCare providers, the Planned Parenthood providers will continue to be monitored to ensure compliance with applicable law.”

For more information, contact Director of Communications and Marketing, Bonyen Lee Gilmore at [email protected] or 913-345-4693, or visit  You can also follow PPGP on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The new “Planned Parenthood Great Plains” (PPGP) President and CEO, Laura McQuade will be introduced at an event on July 8 at IAO gallery in Oklahoma City. Photo provided.
Laura McQuade, President and CEO of  the newly formed “Planned Parenthood Great Plains” (PPGP) affiliate will be introduced to members and supporters at an event on July 8 at IAO gallery in Oklahoma City. Photo provided.
Members of the Planned Parenthood Central Oklahoma organization celebrated the birthday and upcoming retirement of Dr. Frank F. Wilson, the group’s medical director for over 25 years. Photo provided.
Members of  Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma (renamed Planned Parenthood Great Plains) recently celebrated the birthday and upcoming retirement of the group’s longtime medical director,  Dr. Frank F. Wilson, who will be honored at the July 8 event. Photo provided.

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