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Capitol Report for July 17: Pressing for affordable higher education, organized violence contrasts with peaceful protests

News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and CapitolBeakOK / City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan
News9 reporter Alex Cameron (left) and CapitolBeakOK / City Sentinel editor Pat McGuigan

In this week’s Capitol Report segment for News9, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, Patrick B. McGuigan hailed efforts to make education affordable for more Oklahomans. Langston-OKC has established a “next-door” relationship with Millwood Schools, creating efficiencies and greater collaboration.

Oklahoma City University announced reduced tuition for Energy-related courses, to help professionals develop greater skills and value during the current industry slump. TakePart Daily, a ‘left-of-center’ news website, has scrutinized Higher Education performance and costs, the CapitolBeatOK editor told reporter Alex Cameron. McGuigan pointed to policy ideas from the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, the 1889 Institute, and AFP-Oklahoma.

Building on the work of EdX (a joint effort of Harvard and MIT), they advocate a 40-hour program of low-tuition general education, the Western Governors University online program co-founded two decades ago by then-Gov. Frank Keating, a basic bachelor’s degree for $10,000 (already operating in Texas), bringing the non-instructional higher education workforce to the U.S. average, and requiring professors to teach more.

In other news, McGuigan expressed dismay over organized violence elsewhere in America. However, he lauded local “Black Lives Matter” leaders for a peaceful protest, in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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