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Capitol Report for April 16: Allbaugh’s take on death penalty probe, and a demographic shift by 2030

News9 anchor Alex Cameron and CapitolBeatOK publisher Pat McGuigan
News9 anchor Alex Cameron and CapitolBeatOK publisher Pat McGuigan

Analyst Patrick B. McGuigan attended a community forum on Corrections policy this past week. He asked Interim Director Joe Allbaugh about the multi-county grand jury, and whether he expected any indictments from the panel’s investigations of the state’s controversial death penalty process.

Allbaugh answered cautiously, saying he had no special insight, but that he did not expect indictments. In other state news, News9’s Alex Cameron asked McGuigan about “Total Age Dependency Ratio” and what it means for public policy, especially education policy.

Based on a thoughtful presentation from Matt Ladner of the Excellence in Education Foundation, the Capitol BeatOK editor reviewed the demographic shift taking place between now and 2030.

With more retirees and school-aged children and comparatively fewer workers by that year, high-quality educational choices will be essential to assure an educated and adaptive workforce.

Watch the Capitol Report here

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