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Choral Union concludes 2015-2016 season with “Song of Songs” composition by Armstrong College music director

Song of Songs
Song of Songs

Staff Report

EDMOND – The 2015-2016 performing arts series at Armstrong Auditorium will come to a close with a performance by the Herbert W. Armstrong College Choral Union on Thursday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m.

The Herbert W. Armstrong College Choral Union will join forces with a professional orchestra and soloists to perform an oratorio of King Solomon’s Song of Songs. This performance features an original musical setting of the text, composed by Herbert W. Armstrong College Music Director Ryan Malone.

“This text represents the most powerful love song of all time, presented by an exquisite interweaving of solo voices, choral voices and instruments, and performed in the acoustically superior atmosphere of Armstrong Auditorium’s theater,” Malone said. “I can’t think of a more moving way to end the season.”

Song of Songs is derived from the biblical text, but has been noted for its unique imagery and picturesque metaphors unique to the rest of the Old Testament. It captured the imagination of artists, poets and composers throughout history, but this is the first composition to set the entire text to music.

Malone says audience members will enjoy hearing this text brought to life by the 20-piece professional orchestra and 60-plus-member chorus (comprised of staff and students at Herbert W. Armstrong College and Imperial Academy’s secondary school).

Often considered the greatest love song of all time, Song of Songs is derived from the biblical text. Audience members will enjoy hearing the traditional verse recounted through young vocal talent.

Armstrong Auditorium is engineered to create the ultimate listening experience for every audience member. Only 75 feet separate the stage from the back wall, and the specially designed orchestra shell projects the truest unreinforced natural tones.

Additionally, the nine-millisecond initial time delay gap is considered excellent by industry standards and provides each listener with a real sense of acoustic intimacy.

Tickets to see the Herbert W. Armstrong College Choral Union begin at $15. For more information regarding ticket options, subscriptions or group rates please visit or call 405-285-1010.

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