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News9 Capitol Report (January 9): Oklahoma budget stress, Pruitt and Jones clash, surprising choice for Corrections

alex and pat
News9 Capitol Report host Alex Cameron (left) and Pat McGuigan, editor of CapitolBeakOK and The City Sentinel Newspaper.

CS Online Pat & Alex Capitol Report for 1-9-16

On the Jan. 9 edition of Capitol Report on News9, Pat McGuigan sketched Oklahoma Treasurer Ken Miller’ year-end report on state tax revenues. For the first time since the Great Recession of 2009, annual gross receipts were lower than the year before by $361.75 million. However, the raw total is still $11.65 billion.

McGuigan noted that annual tax revenue growth ranged from 2.5 percent to 9.6 percent for fiscal years 2010 through 2014, but dropped 3 percent in 2015. Year-end collections were the lowest for any December since 2010. In other news, McGuigan sketched a clash between state Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones and Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Pruitt wants an outside auditor, although his office was scheduled for audit by Jones’ staff. Pointing to statutes and encouraging the state’s top lawyer to back down, McGuigan said “Gary is right, and Scott is wrong.”

Cameron asked McGuigan for the “biggest surprise” in the first full week of 2016. The CapitolBeatOK editor pointed to selection of Joe Albaugh — former director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) – as interim director for the state Department of Corrections. McGuigan said it is not clear Albaugh is qualified for the post.

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