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My Beloved Ivy Jane – Obituary by Darla Shelden

Ivy Jane Shelden
Ivy Jane Shelden

Ivy Jane Shelden
February 6, 2002 – September 17, 2015

My beloved Ivy Jane left this earth on September 17, 2015.  Although she has had health problems for many years, she was the happiest, sweetest and most loving furry person I’ve every known.

In 2002, after a six month search for the then elusive back female pug, Ivy was discovered in Dowagiac, Michigan. Just 10 weeks old, Ivy rendezvoused with me in St. Louis to begin our life adventure.

A raven haired beauty, named after my maternal grandmother, Ivy Jane didn’t have the curliest tail, but she had much more important traits – tolerance, loyalty, intelligence, humor and of course abundant love. Ivy adored everybody and never met a stranger.  She was fearless and the epitome of the term ‘peace pug.’ Never aggressive, Ivy would greet people with her tribal circle dance while carrying in her mouth little “Hedgy” or “Baby” her two favorite stuffed toys.

Ivy absolutely loved the water.  As a puppy she took showers with me and never hesitated to go outside in the rain or snow.  A true waterpug, she was a masterful swimmer and enjoyed floating and hanging out with her “i-friend” Ivan at Club Hutchcroft, her vacation home.

Ivy and I started going to Puggerfest in 2006.  She was known as the ‘political pug’ supporting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns and other Democratic candidates.

Diagnosed in 2010 with degenerative myelopathy, a neurological disease, Ivy had difficulty walking, which became more of a waddle, but she did amazingly well considering I was told she might have only six months to live. She compensated by never letting even her DM keep her from being the happiest little girl in town.

In August of this year Ivy developed the sniffles and her symptoms quickly became more severe and overcame her. The cause is now believed to be a nasal adenocarcinoma. I am grateful to my friend Dr. Todd Mauldin and the loving staff at Britton Road Veterinary Clinic where she has gone since she was 6 month old.

Ivy Jane is memorialized on YouTube and Facebook and is adored by many who have never actually met her.  We were both lucky to have found each other.  She has given me more happiness than I deserve. Ivy would have been 14 in February.

When someone like Ivy leaves your world there is a big hole that cannot be refilled.  I miss her terribly and I will always love my little Ivy Jane.

Darla Shelden, Oklahoma City, OK

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