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Letter to the Editor: Reprieve for Richard Glossip

Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip.
Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip.

To the Editor:

I will begin by declaring that I am not a native but am in fact from the United Kingdom. I will also declare up front that it is my natural inclination to oppose the Death Penalty at all times and in all circumstances, but surely whatever our individual take on capital punishment no one would want to see an innocent man executed.

And that brings me to Richard Glossip.

I, and many others, have written to Governor Fallin to ask for a 60 day reprieve for Richard who is currently scheduled for execution on September 16th. Richard has always maintained his innocence and he is believed in this by many who know him far better than I ever will.

Sixty days could be vital in proving his innocence and saving his life. I hope that you and your readers will join me in asking Governor Fallin to gift this time to Richard’s legal team, it could be the gift of life.

Thank you and God bless,
Ben Etterley
United Kingdom


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