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Pharmacists thank U.S. Rep. Mullin for resolution

Shonda Lassiter, DPh
Shonda Lassiter, DPh

To The Editor:

On behalf of the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, I would like to thank Congressman Markwayne Mullin, R-Tulsa, for co-sponsoring House Resolution 592, The Pharmacy and Medically Under-served Areas Enhancement Act. This legislation promotes increased access to care for patients who are otherwise medically under-served.

It is vital for pharmacies and pharmacists to continue to provide important services to residents in rural communities who may not have immediate access to their medical provider. By Medicare fully reimbursing pharmacies for their costs, they can continue to offer products and services such as diabetic care for their customers.

It is estimated Medicare enrollment will increase from 50 million to 80 million people over the next 20 years, increasing the burden on small pharmacies. This is an enormous problem since pharmacies are losing money on prescriptions for Medicare patients.

If Congress passes H.R. 592 it would allow for a level playing field giving all pharmacies the opportunity to better serve the loyal customers coming to a pharmacy for help.

Congressman Mullin, thank you for your continued support and unwavering dedication to our cause.

Shonda Lassiter, DPh
Oklahoma Pharmacists Association

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