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Damage report for OKC’s March 25 tornado is released


Staff Report

Oklahoma City Emergency Management staff and volunteers conducted an initial Preliminary Damage Assessment of the tornado impacted area that swept through Oklahoma City on March 25.

Most of the damage occurred in south Oklahoma City. Here are the results of that assessment, as summarized in a report provided to The City Sentinel by local officials. FEMA will make the final determination on how a structure is categorized.

Single Family Homes;  89 homes with affected damage, 7 homes with minor damage

Mobile Homes; 43 mobile homes with minor damage

Businesses; 20 businesses with affected damage, 6 businesses with minor damage, 2 businesses with major damage

Public Buildings; 1 building with affected damage

There are five degrees of damage levels: destroyed, major, minor, affected and inaccessible. Each level is described below:

Affected  – This category includes dwellings with minimal damage to structure and/or contents and the home is habitable without repairs

Minor damage – Encompasses a wide range of damage and is generally the most common type of damage. Minor damage exists when the home is damaged and uninhabitable, but may be made habitable in a short period of time with home repairs. Some of the items that determine minor damage are listed below:
•         Damages less than the maximum Housing Assistance Repair Grant.
•         Windows or doors blown in.
•         One foot or more of water/sewer backup in basement (i.e., furnace, water heater damage).
•         Has less than 50% damage to structure.
•         Can be repaired within 30 days

Major damage – This means the home has sustained structural or significant damages, is uninhabitable and requires extensive repairs. Any one of the following may constitute major damage.
•         Substantial failure of structural elements of the residence (e.g., walls, roof, floors, foundation, etc.).
•         Damage to the structure that exceeds the Home Repair Grant maximum.
•         Has more than 50% damage to structure.
•         One foot or more of water on the first floor (of a home with basement).
•         Damage will take more than 30 days to repair

Destroyed – This means the structure is a total loss or damaged to such an extent that repairs are not economically feasible. Any one of the following may constitute a status of destroyed:
•         Structure is not economically feasible to repair.
•         Structure is permanently uninhabitable.
•         Complete failure of major structural components (e.g., collapse of basement walls/foundation, walls, or roof).
•         Only foundation remains.
•         Two or more walls destroyed and roof substantially damaged. • House pushed off foundation
•         An unaffected structure that will require removal or demolition (e.g., homes in imminent danger due to impending landslides, mudslides, or sinkholes; beachfront homes that must be removed due to local ordinance violations as a result of beach erosion).

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