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Oklahoma City’s ASTEC charter school gains ‘excellence’ distinction


By Patrick B. McGuigan



ASTEC Public Charter Schools were given the distinction level of “Excellence,” by Certified Healthy Schools.

In a release sent to CapitolBeatOK, school officials said they were “proud of the work our employees have put forth to ensure we are a healthy school. Special thanks to Harold Hamm and Continental Resources, our HealthCorps sponsors, for making this possible.”

HeathCorps, founded at the national level by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa, “transformed our school health culture,” the ASTEC release said.

ASTEC’s website declares the system now in place emerged when the school “began working on better meal patterns long before Congress approved the new USDA meal patterns.” Development of a more complete program came in February 2012, when Continental, one of Oklahoma’s largest energy companies, promoted the efforts of HealthCorps to work with school officials for better student health.

Ryan Fightmaster became coordinator of the ASTEC HealthCorps program in fall 2012. In last week’s announcement, school officials said ASTEC (Advanced Science & Technology Education Charter Schools) “employees and student scholars have embraced the philosophies, principles and teachings of HealthCorps. With HealthCorps, we were able to soar to a higher level of student/family/staff health, wellness and mental resilience.” Certified Health Schools are based on a coordinated school health model developed in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control.

ASTEC is one of a handful of innovative Oklahoma public charter schools that have emerged over the past 15 years in the Sooner State in Tulsa and Oklahoma City (

ASTEC’s founder, CEO and superintenent is Dr. Freda Deskin ( With a new main facility envisioned in the next couple of years, ASTEC is poised for further growth. For information, contact ASTEC Charter Schools, 2401 NW 23rd Street, Ste. 39A, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, or visit .

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