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Giving Thanks: A Publisher’s Prayer



By Patrick B. McGuigan


Ruler of the universe and world Sovereign, thank You this day and every day for blessings from the love of my wife, our family, dear friends and this community.

Bless Mary Arbuckle of Other Options and the Friends Food Pantry. Watch over her work for those affected by HIV/AIDS; pour Your grace upon the staff and officers of the Santa Fe Family Life Center and organizers of the recent JFK Community Service Awards gala.

Bless my colleagues in journalism, particularly Russell Perry, Scott Mitchell, Robin Dorner, Mike McCarville, Alex Cameron, Erielle Reshef, Oklahoma Press Association members and staff, officers of the Society of Professional Journalists and each dear person on this newspaper’s staff.

Lift up Diana Burton, CASA child advocate of the year; sustain those involved in the annual Peace Festival and the PAMBEGhana market promoting fair trade.

Give peace to all who comfort the afflicted, including Kris Steele, Justin Jones, Jan Peery, Rodney W. Bivens, Robin Meyers and Barbara Chisko.

Thank You for faith leaders giving friendship and their moments of counsel, including Paul Blair, Jerry Brown, Saad Mohammed, Kathy McCallie, Ovadia Goldman and Eusebius Beltran. Extend Your strong arm protecting all who serve Your Divine will but who are not named explicitly here.

Thank You for local law enforcement and firefighters; and for John Coyle, named a “Warrior for Justice.” Bestow discretion upon academicians who give counsel on healthy eating. Give us wisdom to follow their best hints.

Safety and protection, O God, for all who work or shop on Thanksgiving Day; Grant all who abstain from commerce that day time enough for family. Bring success to those who labor in the marketplace, including Tracy Jackson of and employees of Chick-fil-A.

Pour down, like Heaven’s gentle rain, knowledge on all those who teach, and their students. Special grace this day to those teaching at or attending Catholic and other religious schools, including St. Phillip Neri and Bishop John Carroll, in our public schools and particularly those at Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy.

Bestow Your grace on elected officials: President Barack Obama, leaders in Congress, Governor Mary Fallin, Superintendent Janet Barresi, Senator Kyle Loveless, Mayor Mick Cornett, Council Member Ed Shadid and colleagues.

Thank you for all those elected or reelected to public office this year, including James Lankford, James Inhofe, Tom Cole, Frank Lucas, MarkWayne Mullin, Jim Bridenstine, Todd Lamb, Joy Hofmeister, Kay Floyd, Anastasia Pittman, Jason Nelson, David Dank, Mike Shelton, George Young, Kevin Calvey, Ervin Yen, Stephanie Bice, Ralph Shortey, Mark Costello, Steve Russell, Sally Kern and Richard Morrissette.

Bless each person who sought elective office but lost, particularly Connie Johnson, Joe Dorman, Al McAffrey, Cathy Cummings, Eleanor Darden Thompson, Steve Kern, John Handy Edwards, Michael Brooks-Jiminez, Paula Sophia, Michael Taylor, Collin Walke, John Cox, Matt Silverstein, and Mike Turner. Thank You for candidates not mentioned by name whose passion for justice and commitment to good government You know.

I thank You for our Armed Forces; and for freedom of the press as envisioned by this Republic’s Founders. Bless advertisers and subscribers of The City Sentinel – their generosity, understanding and support for community journalism. Abundant blessings, Creator, for Bob Lemon and his family.

I am unworthy, yet I petition You for wisdom. Grant my heartfelt prayer to serve our community better, using compassionately and professionally the resources You have put into my care.

I pray all of these things, in the Holy Name of my Savior. Amen.

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