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Councilman Shadid hosts town hall meeting to discuss PlanOKC and its implications for Ward 2


By Darla Shelden

City Sentinel Reporter

After several years of development, the Oklahoma City Comprehensive Plan, known as PlanOKC, has been completed by the OKC Planning Department.

City Council Member Ed Shadid will host a town hall meeting Thursday, Dec. 4 to discuss the plan and its implications for Ward 2.

This in-depth plan is the first for Oklahoma City in more than 30 years with unprecedented public input and coordination between city departments.

“PlanOKC seeks to enhance our quality of life by guiding the decisions which will affect the places where we live, work, learn, shop and play in the future,” said Shadid.

It is a long-range plan with the goal of ensuring a healthy environment, community, and economy for residents of the 621 square miles that encompasses Oklahoma City.

During Shadid’s recent hard fought bid for Oklahoma City’s Mayor, City Planning was at the top of his list of priorities.

Shadid said, “Planning, or the lack thereof, represents both the greatest opportunity and threat to Oklahoma City’s short and long-term communal health.”

He added, “Planning, elevated to its rightful pedestal in city government, can help shape our daily living experience in a healthy way.”

Public involvement and support is critical to the plan’s implementation and success.

Along with Shadid, event speakers will include members of Oklahoma City government Aubrey Hammontree, OKC Planning Director; Eric Wenger, Public Works Director; Jason Ferbrache, Director of EMBARK, Public Transportation & Parking Authority; Bill Citty, Police Chief; and Keith Bryant, Fire Chief.

Hammontree said, “We will provide an overview of the draft comprehensive plan, explain how a comprehensive plan is used, and why it’s an important document to guide how our city grows.”

The public will have a two-month period to review and offer feedback on the plan beginning in December.

“We’re very excited to be a part of this town hall meeting,” said Ferbrache. “We look forward to this community discussion and exchange of ideas.”

The PlanOKC Citizen Advisory Team is a 27-member mayor-appointed group that provides advice at key junctures in the planning process. The team oversees the collective work done by planners and stakeholder groups.

Members represent a cross-section of interests in the community, and represent each of the eight PlanOKC elements, the Healthy Communities Oversight Group, the development sector, public schools, and the community at large. Additionally, members of Planning Commission and City Council represent each Ward on the Citizen Advisory Team. Councilman Shadid represents Ward 2.

Shadid said, “Working together we can implement what I think you will find to be a truly exceptional piece of work by the OKC Planning Department. Please join us Thursday, December 4 to discuss the future of Oklahoma City.” The event is at the Tower Hotel (formerly the Marriott Hotel) 3233 N.W. Expressway from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Organizers emphasized that the public is invited.

For more information, call 405-297-2402 or email [email protected]

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