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Oklahoma Family Bottles an Argentine Flavor

Carol Hefner, pictured here, works with her husband, Robert Hefner IV, to promote their new Made In Oklahoma (MIO) product -- Gaucho Argentine Chimmi-Churri steak sauce. Now in commercial production, it is highlighted in news from the Department of Agriculture. Photo provided

Staff Report


When Robert Hefner IV was younger you could always count on finding him hanging out in the barns working with polo horses. He loved to work alongside Cowboys from Argentina, known as gauchos.

In the evening the gauchos would cook their meat over an open fire pit, but it was the accompanying sauce that caught Hefner’s attention.

Every night Hefner would carefully watch the culinary cowboys as they prepared the special sauce; making note of every detail in hopes of replicating the sauce.

Together with his wife Carol, Hefner spent years recreating the sauce and gifting it to their family and friends. There was a clear demand for the sauce. Today, Gaucho Argentine Chimmi-Churri steak sauce is in commercial production.

The handcrafted sauce is bottled under the Galimaro Company label. The Galimaro Company is a family business with Robert, Carol and each of their five children assisting in the operation. The Hefner family’s Chimmi-Churri sauce can be found at

The Galimaro Company is part of the Made in Oklahoma Program (MIO), according to a press release from MIO works with Oklahoma agribusinesses at local, regional and national levels to promote retail, institutional and gourmet sales.

MIO activities include marketing programs targeted to increase consumer awareness about the availability and quality of Oklahoma agriculture products.

MIO is always looking for new members. To learn more, visit And, for more information about the MIO program, contact the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry at 405-521-3864.

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