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How to Identify the Best

A-Z Inspections
A-Z Inspections

By Jack L. Werner, Ph.D.

A group of Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri homebuilders, remodelers, and suppliers requested Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) courses offered through the National Association of Home Builders so that they might become more knowledgeable in the “Aging-in-Place” and “Accessible Housing” market place.  As I was teaching the three-day course, I thought of some things that might help you, the consumer, select a professional builder/remodeler, or supplier.   In fact, I find these rules to be true in accessing high quality knowledgeable professionals in any industry.  Ask, look for:

Designations – People who care about you and their business are lifelong students.  They continually seek additional training and certifications.  To copy an advertising phrase, you might ask, “What’s on your business card?”

Organizations – High-quality professionals are members of their professional associations, such as the National and State Home Builders and the Remodelers Council.  Usually the best have been officers in their organizations.

Affiliations: – High-quality people hang around high-quality people.  They act like conscientious business people.  The return calls, they show up when they say they will, and they usually charge more—and deliver more –than the average in their group.


Here are some of the professionals I worked with this week to achieve their Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation:


Terri Matthews, Oklahoma, 405/238-4252

Tracy Matthews, Texas, 469/358-0165

Michael Hennigan, Missouri, 405/238-0284

Jason Elkins, Oklahoma, 405/238-2305

Ann Elkins, Oklahoma, 405/331-0112

Caleb Matthews, Oklahoma, 405/268-9833

Christopher Matthews, Oklahoma, 405/268-9627

Gabriel Matthews, Oklahoma, 405/268-9989

Scott Bailey, Oklahoma, 580/736-1034

Wesley Gaddy, Oklahoma, 405/631-9879

Landon Gray, Oklahoma, 405/310-4400


The Matthews family have provided construction and remodeling services across Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri for decades.  Scott Bailey provides aging-in-place assessments.  Wesley Gaddy is a Moore homebuilder/remodeler.  Landon Gray owns Grayt Floor and Outdoors at I-35 and Indian Hills Road.

The pros, the best, always seek to know how they can provide beautiful, safer, more functional longer-lasting products and services to you.  Why would we want to do business with anybody else?


Jack Werner, Ph.D., owns A to Z (Commercial and Residential Building) Inspections.  Jack holds a construction degree from OSU and teaches courses for the National Association of Home Builders, has three books published relating to inspections, and teaches building inspections.  A to Z has inspected a 304-unit apartment complex, a half-million square foot refrigerated  storage facility, a hundred-year-old hotel, as well as performing “phase” inspections for new construction ranging from Starbucks to nursing homes.  Jack and his son Cord teach inspections at Francis Tuttle Career-Tech and Charles Barnes School of Real Estate, respectively. He can be reached at 405-412-7861.

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