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Editorial: For Paula Sophia

Paula Sophia
Paula Sophia


Paula Sophia is an Army veteran who served in Desert Storm, and a respected retiree from the Oklahoma City Police department. Her story and the challenging course of her life have been covered in the pages of this newspaper and other publications.

She sought, and has attained, respect for her conduct and good citizenship.

Not surprisingly, Sophia advocates practical steps to “keep momentum going” for the local economy, while maintaining “safe, secure communities in Oklahoma City.”

She is an advocate for education and supports what she and allies describe as “a living wage that provides stability for individuals and families.”

She will work for these goals in the near-north heart of Oklahoma City, if voters choose her to take the seat now held by state Rep. Kay Floyd, who is seeking a higher office.

Sophia has lived honorably in our midst for many years as a valued member of the community. She is someone able to communicate even with those who do not fully understand her life’s choices. She will serve all the people with distinction, if elected on June 24.

On the merits and as a voice for our neighborhoods, friends and neighbors, The City Sentinel supports Paula Sophia for the Democratic nomination (and thus election) in Oklahoma House District 88.

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