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Editorial: For Kay Floyd

Kay Floyd
Kay Floyd


State Rep. Kay Floyd, who established an excellent record during her one term in the House of Representatives, now seeks to replace Al McAffrey in Senate District 46.

Floyd has one opponent in the June 24 primary. Because no Republican filed for the race, the primary will decide who holds the job for the coming term.

A former judge, Floyd is an advocate for children and women. She is the author or co-author of challenging and essential legislation for those most in need. She has stuck to her beliefs as a strong progressive Democrat, while gaining sincere respect from conservative colleagues in the Republican majority.

Consequently, she has been able to advance the progressive cause in a challenging environment, without rancor but also without apology.

The opportunity has arisen for the people of the MidCity/MidTown area and the near Southside to replace one good senator with another.

The City Sentinel newspaper is proud to endorse Kay Floyd for the party nomination (and thus election) on June 24.

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