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An editorial: Bipartisan June 24 Primary Endorsements

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor


An endorsement represents a choice.

For the June 24 primary, our choices in both parties are listed below.

We do not sneer at choices others make, and reserve the option to review all races further in time for the November election.

However, we affirm these candidates for consideration by primary voters in the two major parties.

In the U.S. Senate race for the last two years of what is now Tom Coburn’s seat, The City Sentinel endorses state Sen. Connie Johnson for the Democratic nomination, and U.S. Rep. James Lankford for the Republican nomination.

Sen. Johnson is a veteran progressive legislator, a proud Democrat. She is reaching out to the broader statewide electorate without abandoning her own deeply-held principles. It is essential that loyal Democrats nominate a serious candidate, so that the November election is focused on substantive public policy issues. A principled and progressive woman, Connie Johnson is the best Democrat running for the U.S. Senate.

Rep. Lankford has risen to leadership in the U.S. House in just two terms. He is the most qualified of the conservative Republicans seeking to replace U.S. Tom Coburn. You always know where he stands on issues. His principles and integrity gained him an upset victory four years ago. He is the right person to carry the Republican banner in November.

In the Democratic primary for the Fifth District Congressional seat Lankford is exiting, The City Sentinel endorses Tom Guild. He carried the party banner against incumbent Lankford in 2012, making the strongest showing of any Democrat in decades.

On the Republican side, The City Sentinel respects the sincerity and passion of all the candidates, including state Rep. Mike Turner. For the Republican nomination, we endorse Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas.

In the state Corporation Commission race, the only candidates running are Republican, so that party will decide who replaces Douglas at this important regulatory body. The City Sentinel supports former Speaker of the House Todd Hiett.

In state Senate District 40, Michael Taylor is, in a crowded field, the best choice for the Republicans. A credible Democratic nominee, John Handy Edwards, will be on the November ballot.

In House District 82, in the Republican primary, The City Sentinel endorses Kevin Calvey for the nomination. There will be an independent on the November ballot, as well.

In House District 99, our choice for the Democratic nomination is Eleanor Darden Thompson. We believe she would make a magnificent legislator. There will also be a Republican on the November ballot.

In last week’s edition, The City Sentinel endorsed Democrats in races that will be decided in the June 24 primary: Paula Sophia in House District 88, and Kay Floyd in Senate District 46.



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