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Referrals are the biggest endorsement of a business


By Dennis Seagroves

CEO, Citywide Heating & Air

For every kind of business, referrals are the biggest compliment. It means that a customer is so satisfied, he or she believes it’s important to refer someone else o a company they can trust for quality and integrity.

Following is brief part of our conversation with Ken Boyer, CEO of Ken Boyer Bail Bonds.

Citywide: What made you choose our company?

Ken: “I got a referral from a condo association where Citywide Refrigeration Heating & Air installed 15 units and each one of the owners was ecstatic.

Although hail damage did not apply to me, I was impressed that Dennis Seagroves, The owner of Citywide battled with the insurance company over hail damage until the insurance company paid for all 15 units.

Next I wanted the best unit made and American Standard owned that title.

Citywide: What did Citywide and American Standard offer that you liked beyond the quality?

Ken:  The U.V, light. I’ve seen too many gunky, wet, moldy a-coils that ALL the air in your house passes over and some of my family members have allergies and it is very important to me to get something that will keep the a-coil pristine and kill the bacteria.

Next, I wanted the electronic air cleaner to get rid of the dust, dirt and pollen. This will help make our house so much easier to clean and alw ays smell fresh. I like that.”

Citywide: Anything else?

Ken:  I’ve been in a tough business for many years. I like the fact that the Citywide Refrigeration Heating and Air professionals that Dennis sent out were clean, neat and knowledgeable. I like dealing with crisp professionals and I loved the 10-year compressor and parts warranty.

My company is a pro at what they do and I want that in my heat & air company. That is why I use Citywide Refrigeration Heating & Air.

Citywide Heating & Air is a midtown, family-owned business which i serve both commercial and residential heating, air and refrigeration work  available across the city. Reach us at 737-2525 or visit us online,

Jack L. Werner, Ph.D., owns A to Z Inspections. He was the first designated Master Inspector by ORCIA (Oklahoma Residential and Commercial Inspection Association). He holds a degree in construction from OSU and teaches Universal Design & Build for the National Association of Home

Builders. He can be reached at 405-412-7861.

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