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Letter to the Editor: Halt Executions in Oklahoma

Bud Welch
Bud Welch

Dear Editor,

After the tragically botched execution of Clayton Lockett, I support a halt to all executions and a full investigation into how executions are carried out in Oklahoma.

Surely the outrageous, cruel and unusual suffering imposed on Mr. Lockett will be a wake up call to our Governor, Legislators and Department of Correction officials. This inhumane and appalling treatment of another human being can hopefully become a turning point in the debate.

It is very important to know that our first concern and prayers are for the survivors of this murder by Clayton Lockett. We should stop wasting thousands of dollars on executing a few and use the money saved for services for the victim’s survivors and for solving cold cases.

We must start by having open, transparent, and public accountability of how our Government performs executions. The extreme secrecy under which the lethal injection drugs are purchased, used and actually administered is unacceptable.

It’s our state government. We have every right to understand what it is doing in our names – extreme secrecy is bad, undemocratic and dangerous government.

The whole world is watching to see what we do next after this shameful episode of blundered justice.


Emmett E. “Bud” Welch

Oklahoma City

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