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What’s that you say? It’s time for the Gridiron Show!



by Patrick B. McGuigan

Associate Publisher


Some of Oklahoma City’s finest theatrical talent returns to the Plaza Lyric stage for the 2014 edition of the Oklahoma City Gridiron – among them the inimitable Jane Hall and professional performer Terry Runnels.

It is February, folks, so Gridiron is here to heat things up, at least a bit, with the annual send-up of Oklahoma and national politics and culture.

In keeping with tradition, many of those parodying the year gone by are true-blue journalists, including radio news lady Bill Rodely in her memorable interpretation of Hillary Clinton and Bill Perry of OETA as her wandering hubby, the ex-president.

Look closely and you’ll see them supported by cast veterans Ellie Sutter, Jon Denton, John Greiner and your humble servant. Rising stars like The Oklahoman’s Jaclyn Cosgrove join experienced performers like Dana Meister and Darrell Morrow to leaven the dough.

Speaking of dough, the object of the Oklahoma City Gridiron Show, each and every year: To raise money to support scholarships for Oklahomans studying the fine art (or is it a craft?) of journalism. Over the years, our cast of working reporters and their associates have raised a half-million dollars for scholarships from net proceeds after show expenses. Last year, the Gridiron Foundation distributed $10,400 to a half-dozen young people, and would like to do even more this year.

Back to the show teasers: Duck Dynasty ain’t got nothin’ on Gridiron’s “well-dressed men.” Our lady guv is also a good dresser and a fine talker, but critics wonder how much she’s really done. Back for a reprise of their “hit tune” from past years are a pair of convicted legislators, to the tune of a George Jones/Tammy Wynette classic.

Gridiron knows how to curb the domestic spying of those NSA guys – laugh them our of existence. Then, there’s Russia’s former spy-master Vladimir Putin, who is now is in charge of the Olympics party.

Our beloved “Eggman” makes a scary-good Chris Christie, in a song you will recognize as “from Jersey.”  And Rita “the little general” Aragon gets an affectionate encore to previous turns on the stage.

Mayor Mick and Dr. Ed are seen a-fightin’, enough to give you a pain in the … head. In Oklahoma, at least, Margaritas and Tornadoes have a lot in common – you’ll have to see the show to get the joke.

The show also will include some jabs at our incumbent president, and is entitled “Driving Blind with Earplugs … Or: Enquiring Minds Don’t Want to Know” . We are performing at the Lyric Plaza Theatre,1726 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 7310 on Wednesday Feb. 26, Friday, Feb. 28 and Saturday, March 1.

Don’t go to the theatre to buy your tickets, go online: Or, for phone orders, please call TicketStorm at 1-866-966-1777. For group ticket sales (ten or more), please call 405.830.5964.

See you there!

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