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SHEN YUN – An internationally-acclaimed performance headed to city


Staff Report

Hailed by prominent artists, critics, and celebrities around the globe as “world-class,” “a grand masterpiece,” “a show everyone must see at least once in their life,” SHEN YUN will perform at Civic Center Music Hall for its Oklahoma City debut on March 25-26, two nights only, said media spokeswoman Ying Yang.

Culture is the soul of a nation. Traditional Chinese culture sought harmony between man and the universe, and emphasized ethics and morality. Sadly, this cultural legacy was nearly eradicated over the last 70 years, under the nation’s communist rule.

Based in New York and independent of the current Chinese regime, SHEN YUN Performing Arts is able to restore this precious ancient culture that belongs to all humanity. “SHEN YUN” is an elegant name in Chinese that can be translated as “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing.”

Through authentic classical Chinese dance, SHEN YUN takes the audience on an extraordinary journey through 5,000 years of genuine Chinese culture. From ancient dynasties to modern times, within about 20 vignettes, SHEN YUN brings to life timeless myths and legends that have shaped this ancient culture, evoking humanity’s wisdom and virtues, such as integrity, kindness, and courage…

Its stunning beauty, purity, and energy have left audience members greatly uplifted and deeply inspired; its profound wisdom, drawn from ancient times, shines a light into the modern-day world.

A Shen Yun performance features nearly 100 world-class artists, over 500 exquisite, hand-crafted costumes, a unique, full live orchestra, and breathtaking animated background scenery—together creating one spectacular and joyous experience.

The SHEN YUN orchestra seamlessly melds classical Western musical instruments with traditional Chinese ones, reverberating the magnificence of heavenly music. An introduction to each vignette is given in both English and Chinese.

Thousands of hours of training and rehearsals culminate each winter in a remarkable achievement- a completely new SHEN YUN production every year.

Starting from every December, four equal-sized groups of SHEN YUN simultaneously travel around the world for about six months, performing in over 20 countries and nearly 150 cities.

As of today, SHEN YUN still is not able to perform in China. Yet rave reviews, standing ovations, and packed houses at the world’s top venues, such as Lincoln Center, London Coliseum, Kennedy Center, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, and Los Angeles Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, have established SHEN YUN as a global sensation.

Ticket information is available by calling 1-800-208-2481 or by visiting on line, Ticket prices start at $54 and go up to $124 for floor seats.


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