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By Vic Vickers
CEO Handymen R’ Us

In 1973, while I was working as Marketing Manager for Skiroule, Ltd (a snowmobile manufacturer) in Wickham, Quebec, Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Coleman Company, I had the pleasure of sitting in for my boss at a corporate meeting with Sheldon Coleman, CEO of The Coleman Co.

Mr. Coleman started the meeting off by asking each department head attending “When is a Sale a Sale”?

Being in Sales, I responded “When its Booked.” Manufacturing and transportation said “When it’s Shipped;’” accounting said, “When it’s Billed”; and the credit department said, “When it’s paid for”.

Mr. Coleman then said, “A sale is a sale when it is performing to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Folks, I’ve never forgotten what he said and when I started Handymen R’ Us some 20 years ago, I incorporated his philosophy into my way of doing business so that Handymen R’ Us only considers a project complete when it is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

In fact, we generally do not require a deposit or pre-payment of any kind (not even for materials) on most Projects (other than Remodels) but tell the customer when they ask about our terms – “You trust us to do a good job and we trust you to pay us when we do.” This has proven to be a great way of doing business for us.

I also tell our customers that you’ll never see us on television as the contractor in a story with anyone who has been ripped off. It just won’t happen – check out our testimonials on our web site

I believe that largely for 2012 being our best year in 20 years; I believe its attributable to the fact that our commitment to doing a great job and being trustworthy, It’s not our practice to give ballpark bids; you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost you before we start. Any changes would be discussed you’re your before spending your money.

Handymen R’ Us is your “ONE SOURCE” for all your remodeling and repair needs. In addition, we are CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) certified. That means that with our specialized training we can assist you in staying in your own home longer or helping you stay in your own home longer – and who among us doesn’t want to be able to do that?

Handymen R’ Us is a member of the Oklahoma State and National Homebuilders Associations and a
Three-time, Angie’s List “Super Service Award,” winner with an A rating. Check us out.

It’s also crucial to know that we are insured and bonded! Read the testimonial on our web site from Linda Edmondson, wife of former Attorney General Drew Edmondson, wherein she says that she’s perfectly comfortable with Handymen R’ Us in her family’s home unsupervised. Folks, if the Top Cop for Oklahoma would check us out, from soup to nuts can trust us, WE CAN BE TRUSTED.

Whether your project is something simple, from installing grab bars to tearing out your tub, building a roll-in shower installing a basketball goal and/or painting your house, we’re the company for you. We also do a full array of commercial projects too. Right now, we’re remodeling six factory restrooms and two factory break rooms.

There is never a charge in advance. Our estimates are always free.

Let Handymen R’ Us become your ONE SOURCE for all your home/business repair/remodeling needs.

We can be contacted by phone 405-670-1733, by email, [email protected],
We encourage you to see our work first-hand on our web site, You’ll like what you see.

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