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Reaching for the Top, in Tanzania

Judy Wesselhoft. Photo provided
Judy Wesselhoft. Photo provided


staff report


Judy Wesselhoft, a resident of south Oklahoma City, stands next to a giraffe model at the Cultural Center in Arusha, Tanzania.


For two weeks this winter, she and her husband, state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, visited their daughter Holly, who has been working since October at the Girls Foundation of Tanzania.


Judy said she reveled in a “four day safari, awesome animals around the Toyota Land Cruiser, terrible roads in the country and cities, not just in the Serengeti National Park, talking with Christian Maasai, children herding all types of animals, beautiful people and country, Zanzibar and the warm Indian Ocean, walking through a Colubus monkey jungle, swimming with dolphins three miles out with no life jacket, excited when we found Internet access, swimming in several pools, meeting people from around the world, realizing why people want to live in America so badly, understanding a little more of what Holly has been experiencing, getting food poisoning, and long 26 hour trip home.”


Well, the food poisoning was not joyful, but the vivacious Mrs. Wesselhoft obviously found the trip abroad invigorating.

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