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Tipsy Artist makes learning to paint divine with a little wine


Tiffany Bohrer “The Tipsy Artist” and Alain Buthion, co-owner and chef of La Baguette Bistro and Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill invite the public to join them in September to the Wine & Paint Party hosted by Tipsy Artists. Photo by Darla Shelden


By Darla Shelden

Contributing Writer


Tiffany Bohrer, known as “The Tipsy Artist,” is creating a new bevy of local talent at venues like Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill in Oklahoma City. Each month a Tipsy Artist evening takes place under the canopy at Bellini’s where guests can ‘Dine with Wine and Plein Air Painting,’ at the Waterford complex, 6305 Waterford Blvd. from 6 to 9 p.m.


I started doing this about ten years ago, but it’s evolved quite a bit,” Tiffany said. “We first started with scrapbook parties, wine and housewives in my neighborhood in Frisco, Texas.”


Tipsy Artist provides all art supplies, including aprons, with Tiffany Bohrer as the event’s exclusive instructor. Tiffany selects an original piece from her collection and in a relaxed and fun atmosphere she guides participants, many who are novice painters, through the Wine & Painting Party experience.


It is very fun and relaxing and definitely geared toward the beginner,” said Tiffany. “I’ll give you solid instructions and I actually do teach you how to paint. I’ve been a kindergarten teacher and there’s not much difference between kindergarteners and adults with wine, and I mean that in the best way. It’s like getting into your inner child, using all of your creative self.”


Alain Buthion, co-owner and chef of La Baguette Bistro and Bellini’s Ristorante was at the last event displaying his talents. “This is the third time for us to host Tipsy Artist,” he said. In regard to his own painting expertise Alain said, “I’m working on it, that’s why I’m here. My fiancé Ann and my sister in law Diana are here too.”Diana is married to Michel Buthion, Alain’s brother and co-owner of La Baguette and Bellini’s in Oklahoma City.


Tiffany hosted her first Wine and Painting Exhibit at the Oklahoma Creativity Launch in 2008 using a large community canvas shared by 1000 special guests including Governor Brad Henry. 


Ann Schlesselman, Alain’s fiancé said, “Tiffany does a really great job with the instructions and she kind of lets you do your own independent thing as well.”


Tonight we had a group that is doing the fine art at La Baguette and they’ve come over here for Tipsy Artist,” said Alain. “A lot of people are interested. It’s a fun event.  Tiffany’s a great, great teacher.”


Tipsy Artist takes place on the second to the last Monday each month at Bellini’s,” said Diana Buthion. “This is a fun setting. People really have a blast.”


With Native American flute accompaniment by Bill Merickel, Tiffany began with an introduction to the art supplies. At each seat were four brushes, a rag for blotting, a palette with the paint colors and one as a mixing surface, an easel, a blank canvas and an apron.


The original painting is displayed as a guide, but everyone is encouraged to be creative.  Designated colors were furnished, but Tiffany was quick to add any color was available “to do something completely different to match your décor.”


Tiffany illustrated how to mix colors to create the desired hue, and two painting techniques were demonstrated – up and down vertical strokes and the more textural cross stroke.  


I’m absolutely not an artist and when I leave here I have a painting to be very proud of and I text it to everybody,” said Diana. “It’s like, look what I did, I can’t believe it! The more people who hear about it, the more they want to do it.”


With a passion for art since childhood, Tiffany’s talents were honed at Texas Tech University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Studio Art & Painting and double minor in Drawing and Marketing. 


In addition to Bellini’s, Tipsy Artist events are held at Othello’s Italian Restaurant in Norman, and Gallery Grazioso and Vintage ’89 in Guthrie. Private parties are available.


As the Executive Director of Gallery Grazioso, Tiffany teaches hundreds of students locally with her Tipsy Artist classes along with other volunteer efforts for Brave Art Kids and KIPP charter school.


This month Bellini’s and Tipsy Artist will present the“Dream Big Picasso Style” Wine & Paint Party on Sept. 17.Tickets are required and are $29 per person with the online discount, or $35 per person at the door. Tickets cover all paint supplies, instruction, aprons and a 16 x 20 take-home creation. Beverages and food are available for additional purchase and all ages are welcome.


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just getting together with friends, Tipsy Artist is a creative way to spend an evening.


The Tipsy Artist event was really a lot of fun,” said Alain. “I’m going again next time.”


For more information visit or call 405.822.0481.

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