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Celebrating the Science of Beer


The first annual OKBio BrewFest happening on October 18 at Harn Holmstead.

by Patrick B. McGuigan

Executive Editor


The Oklahoma Bioscience Institute knows that it is not always lab coats, button-downs and PowerPoints when it comes to networking as an industry.


With its first annual OKBio BrewFest happening soon on October 18 at Harn Holmstead, it is clear that these scientists like to drink beer too — and learn the science behind it.


OKBio BrewFest is taking science to a new level and engaging people from both the bioscience industry and the general public.


Oklahoma breweries, including Belle Isle Brewery, Bricktown Brewery, COOP Ale Works, Huebert Brewing and RedBud Brewing Company will be provide the main course of the evening, samples of their favorite brews.


While enjoying the local samples, beer lovers can even learn the science that took place to put that beer in their cup. As if the beer was not enough, samplers will get to enjoy great music and food.


All proceeds from the event will go towards the efforts the Oklahoma Bioscience Institute is making to help prepare the future bioscience workforce. Sponsors say events the institute hosts are designed to provide bioscience-related education and training to members of both the business and education communities, along with the interested general public.


OKBio BrewFest kicks off at 4 p.m. (Tuesday, October 18) at Harn Holmstead, 1721 North Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Attend for only $25 if you are an OKBio Member and $35 if you are not one yet.


Benjamin Franklin — acclaimed Eighteenth Century scientist and journalist who is best known as one of the Founders of the American Republican – is reputed to have said, “The invention of beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy.”


Others insist those comments from the sage of Philadelphia were made about wine;    ardent admirers and students of his life suspects Franklin believed both at various times of his life. Perhaps the matter should be debated over a pint or two. …


Admirers of Ben say: support OKBio BrewFest.


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