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2012 Fairy Ball on Paseo – September 15

Dancers from StarDanceSwan beckon observers to weave their own movements to the lovely sounds of musician Steve McLinn at the 2011 “Fairy Ball on Paseo.” This year’s ball is Saturday, September 15. Photo Provided

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The Fairy Ball on Paseo once again beckons fanciful characters to the Paseo Arts District. A favorite evening for children of all ages, the Fairy Ball inspires imagination and wonder. Past Fairy Balls have been held in midsummer, but the heat waves of the last two years have spun this event to Saturday, September 15, as summer turns toward fall.


Children, parents, friends, and the young at heart are invited to Paseo’s “Fairy Green” to celebrate the art of make-believe. Children are encouraged to dress up as someone from the realm of Fairies. The evening begins with the young ones shaping flowers into crowns and wings to finish their costumes, so that at twilight they can follow magical characters into a twinkling garden and dance to their heart’s content.


Everyone gathers outdoors from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on the “Fairy Green” at Dewey and NW 28th, just west of Paseo Grill. “Flower Magic” is from 7-7:30 p.m. The invitation to dance is at 7:30 p.m. as twilight gives way to rainbow lights hovering in the trees.


Into this light, StarDanceSwan dancers beckon all characters to move in their own naturally expressive ways to the music of Steve McLinn (OJAS Music) until 8:30 p.m. McLinn’s live concert of electrical acoustical fusion music includes songs he has composed for StarDanceSwan from past performances and new pieces created just for this event.


“The flowers, shimmering lights, music and dance all stir a sense of beauty and delight, but children really bring this occasion to life. Their active, endearing imaginations light up the Ball,” says organizer Lorrie Keller of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan, a nonprofit arts organization that has designed this event for eleven years in partnership with the Paseo Arts Association. “This year, StarDanceSwan wishes to create a Ball that engages all participants in a sense of joy and innocence.”


Parents are fascinated by the possibilities this occasion offers. Creating a costume at home for the Ball is an opportunity for parents and children to work together on a fun project. Parents are encouraged to let their children’s imaginations be the guide. For past Fairy Balls, children have dressed up as bugs, blossoms, elves, fairies, and other magical characters that materialize from their own imaginations.


“Building a costume with your child is a special time well-spent. When beginning to make a costume, there are a few questions that a parent can ask their child that will enrich the creative process,” says Keller. “Think of questions that lead to finding a magical name for your child’s character. Parents and children can take this idea further and develop a story about this character.”


“Some questions that initiate exploration and take you and your child in to the realms of ‘once upon a time’ are: Imagine you are walking down a path to a place you love. Tell me about this place. Let’s look around: what do you see? Listen: what do you hear? Would you like to live in a garden, in the sea, in the air or somewhere else? What is your favorite color? Do you like to sing or fly? What is your favorite way to dance? How would you help another person? Find something you can share? What kind of character are you? What are you like? What is your name? Let’s make up a story about your character and go to the Fairy Ball!”


The Paseo Arts District is looking forward to seeing enchanted children materialize once again at this year’s Ball. Come to the Fairy Ball Saturday, September 15 — participate in wonder, and be surprised!


As always, the Fairy Ball is free to the public. Donations are accepted to help offset the expenses of the event. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, please call the Paseo Arts Association at 525-2688, or visit



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