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Imaginings” exhibit feature oil painters Nancy Park and Verna Stonecipher Fuller

“Contemplation” by Nancy Park will be on display as well as art by Verna S. Fuller and other Contemporary Art Gallery artists from July 6-29. Photo provided

By Darla Shelden

Contributing Writer


Opening July 6 during the Paseo First Friday Gallery Walk, the “Imaginings” exhibition will feature the works of artists Verna Stonecipher Fuller and Nancy Park. Held at the Contemporary Art Gallery, 2928 Paseo, in Oklahoma City, the show also includes other gallery artists and will run through July 29.

“These two oil painters present work of conjured images drawn from the imagination,” said Janice Mathews-Gordon, public relations chair for Contemporary Art Gallery. “Verna S. Fuller creates idyllic landscapes in earthen, soft tones. Places we long to be in this uncertain world. Nancy Park’s subjects, rendered in strong light and shadow, seem to hover in that quiet place we experience between wake and sleep, close to a dream state.”

Fuller’s paintings have shown in local and national art competitions and now hang in collections across the US. Working as a fashion and furniture illustrator, as well as in graphic art, she has received many prestigious honors including three Best of Show and several first place awards.

“My interest in painting is recording and rearranging the subject elements to create a new reality,” said Fuller. “I want the viewer to enjoy the nuances that occur from painting an onion, a bird’s nest and other subjects. In my art, I strive to just be myself, although I have been influenced by other artists who are my friends, especially Mollie Erkenbrack.”

Nancy Park is also the recipient of numerous awards in art competitions. She has clients and collectors from all over the country, with many of them in Oklahoma. A past president of the Oklahoma Art Guild, Park earned Signature Membership status along with the first group to do so. Park produces portraits in oil, watercolor and pastel, and executes pencil renderings for quality reproduction.

“Every painting I do is my child, and selling them isn’t easy for me. Love and passion go into each one,” Park said, “Painting is emotional communication. I paint to touch the person who sees what I saturated into the painting. Beauty, humor, passion and compassion are my major emotional objectives, but most of my art is intended to just share pure visual joy.”

Park has spent 40 years as a commercial artist, honing her skills at illustration, fashion art, and hand lettering. She has adapted a lot of the techniques learned in the workplace to her fine art painting. Park says her first love is in painting people. Although she enjoys doing landscapes and still lifes, nothing intrigues her more than the human face for complexity and depth.

“Sharing the pleasure I get from the three realms of reality, dreams, and imagination is what I was meant to do,” said Park. “I hope everyone has the chance to live in that timeless area where dreams become real.”

The gallery is open Thursday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., Sunday from 1 4 p.m., and is closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Contemporary Art Gallery hosts an opening reception during the monthly Paseo First Friday Art Walk, from 6 to 10 p.m. As one of the four Paseo Creek Art Galleries, Contemporary Art hosts a special event one Sunday each month with art demonstrations, music and other artistic endeavors. 

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