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One day Twitter competition raises money for Manos Juntas Free Clinic

Fundación Manos Juntas public relations intern Joseph Proffer is busy setting up the June 14, 24 hour Twive and Receive fundraising competition donation page. Photo Provided

By Darla Shelden
Contributing Writer

On June 14, hundreds of communities across America will compete to win $30,000 in awards for local nonprofits. Oklahoma’s entry will be Fundación Manos Juntas, one of the metro’s longest-running free clinics. The clinic was selected by Razoo, a non-profit company that connects donors with non-profits, to compete in the nationwide Twive and Receive competition.

Twive and Receive is a 24-hour online giving competition that teams Twitter activists and locally supporting nonprofits to fundraise and benefit their hometown. Each city will be represented by one cause and their communities fundraise using Twitter, other social networks, and electronic media.
The competition will be held across the United States on June 14, starting at 12 a.m. Pacific Time, which is 2 a.m. Central Time here in Oklahoma City. The first prize is $15,000 and the $30,000 award pool will be shared among the top three nonprofits that raise the most money.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate that the people of Oklahoma City support charitable efforts to help the needy people,” said Dr. Boyd Shook, president and chief physician at the Manos Juntas Clinic. “Plus it will be fun to engage in technology.”

The Razoo hosted event could provide some much needed relief for Manos Juntas beyond the competition itself. Manos Juntas hopes that this will make more people aware of its clinic in order to attract more permanent charitable donors. It is an opportunity to connect with 18 to 35-year-old demographic, a group whose members use their cell phones nearly 24/7.

“Manos Juntas is dedicated to providing free healtlhcare for thousands of Oklahomans who don’t have adequate medical coverage,” said Casey Prammasudh, volunteer and medical student at the University of Oklahoma. “Every week dedicated volunteers show up to help individuals receive basic, but vital healthcare, from diabetes medication to cholesterol screening. Without funding we cannot provide these vital services, and that is why we are using this online opportunity to raise both awareness and funds.”

This comes at a crucial time for Manos Juntas, as the rising cost of health supplies and dwindling donations due to economic issues are being felt at the clinic. Manos Juntas has already been competing against other non-profits in Oklahoma and the nation for available grant money.

“Fundación Manos Juntas provides an indispensible service to the OKC/Metro area,” said Joseph Proffer, public relations intern. “On any given Saturday, we see about 130 – 150 patients in need of medical care. Besides the help we give our patients, Manos Juntas is one of the best locations for students to gain experience in a clinical setting while at the same time being able to give back to the community.”
Fundación Manos Juntas was started in 1995 by Dr. Boyd Shook and his daughter Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie, senior pastor of Church of the Open Arms.

It is located in the basement of the Epworth United Methodist Church, 1901 N. Douglas Avenue. The weekly free clinic treats hundreds of uninsured Oklahomans from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Saturday morning. With one doctor, volunteer medical students, interns, and volunteer church members, it is struggling for much needed funds.

It serves hundreds in a single day with essential medical care.

For many underprivileged members of the community, the clinic represents their only source of routine medical care. The Manos Juntas Foundation represents what is possible when people join hands and work together to break the cycle of poverty through healthcare and education.

“Fundraising is important for providing services to our patients, and it’s exciting to be using new forms of social media like the Twive and Receive competition to make it happen,” said Prammasudh.
Fundación Manos Juntas is always accepting donations, but only donations made online during this specified time, from 2 a.m. June 14 to 2 a.m. June 15, will be considered part of the competition. In addition to possibly winning prize money, the non-profits will have the money donated to them during the competition.

Donate to the June 14 – 24 hour Twive and Receive event for the Manos Juntas clinic at Or visit for more information.

Managing Editor Stacy Martin contributed to this report.

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