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Oklahoma City Metropolitan Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Firefighters ask citizens to collect cans for recycling funds

Staff Report

The traditional role of the public safety personnel is rapidly changing. Typically, the public views public safety agencies as a source to mitigate emergencies as they occur. Today, many of these agencies are interacting with the communities they serve, before and after emergencies, through various outreach programs.

The Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Program (ACBC) for short is just one of many outreach programs managed by the Oklahoma City Firefighters Association Local 157 and Quick Service Steel Co, in cooperation with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

This nationwide program was established in 1988, and began here in the Metro in 1995.The firefighters are now beginning an effort to enlist the businesses and citizens of the metro in saving their aluminum cans to assist in helping children that are affected by fire.

The ACBC program endeavors to provide financial assistance to young children ages newborn to 16 years old by saving aluminum cans.

How can you make a difference? Encourage family, friends and co-workers to collect aluminum cans and bring them to any Oklahoma City and Bethany fire stations. Not only will citizens be helping families affected by the devastation of a fire, but they can impact the environment with your recycling effort.

Oklahoma City Firefighters Association Local 157 runs the day-to-day program operations. This group is responsible for marketing the program and administering the funds to the families of burned survivors. Another added benefit of the program is to allow the firefighters in a certain area to gain valuable experience interacting with the burn survivors and their families. This experience can be used as firefighters deliver fire safety messages to groups of school-age children and adults.

Through this program locally the firefighters have been able to assist Children’s Hospital with a playground for burned children, children that have been affected by fire, send children to various burn camps here in Oklahoma, donation to Bethany Fire Department for a thermal imager, and assist the project life program to purchase smoke detectors for citizens that can’t afford them.
The importance of the program is that it’s yearly and ongoing; fire can affect children anytime.

For more information concerning this ACBC program please contact Oklahoma City Firefighters Association Local 157, President Phil Sipe, 232-9543.

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