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In Senate race, Al McAffrey says District 46 oppose end to personal income tax

by Patrick B. McGuigan

State Rep. Al McAffrey, the incumbent Democrat in House District 88, is running hard in the special election to fill the vacancy in Senate District 46. The election will be held Tuesday, February 14, with early voting beginning this weekend.

The seat was held until January 15 by Andrew Rice, who resigned.
Last weekend, McAffrey was a host and featured speaker at the annual Medallion Dinner for the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Sunday, in a brief interview with The City Sentinel, McAffrey said the first issues voters raise with him as he goes door-to-door are “Heathcare and education – and not wanting to do away with personal income taxes.”
When his Senate campaign began in the fall, Rep. McAffrey said he believed the top three issues were “Jobs, economy, and the safety of our children.”

His views have evolved somewhat since then. He explained his views this way: “People are concerned that the Republican leadership will raise taxes on the middle class while cutting taxes for the wealthy.” Further, he said, voters are worried about plans they say will cut health care.

McAffrey said voters are opposed to a state rule change “on insurance that would not require insurance company’s to cover children at birth, and changes in education” under the leadership of Superintendent Janet Barresi.

McAffrey said he has not found any strong differences with Jason Reese, the other candidate seeking to replace Rice.

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