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Dr. Robin Meyers inaugural book signing event: “The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus”

By Darla Shelden
Contributing Writer

Oklahoma minister Dr. Robin Meyers’ will present his latest book, “The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus” with a reading and book signing at Full Circle Bookstore, 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expressway, in Oklahoma City on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. in the cafe.

Meyers, senior minister, Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ (UCC), Church in Oklahoma City, is a professor of rhetoric in the philosophy department at Oklahoma City University.

Dr. Meyers said, “In my 30 years as an ordained minister, I have learned to live with the questions more than to pretend that I have all the answers. But this much I know: Christianity is a way of life, not a set of creeds and doctrines designed to get believers into heaven.The first Christians were radically subversive and a danger to the Roman Empire.

“Now Christians are boringly predictable defenders of the status quo, and often mean to boot. There will be no renewal of the church in our time until it is dangerous to go to church again.”

The Underground Church proposes that the faithful recapture the spirit of the early church with its emphasis on what Christians do rather than what they believe. 

Meyers’ new book proposes that the best way to recapture the spirit of the early Christian church is to recognize that Jesus-following was and must be again subversive in the best sense of the word, because the gospel taken seriously turns the world upside down.

According to the book’s press release, “Readers will find that The Underground Church leads the way deep into the roots of Christ who continues to inspire those who believe, and that his subversive way of living is the path to redemption.”

An award-winning commentator for National Public Radio, Meyers is a member of the Jesus Seminar, a peace activist and a nationally known author, who writes for the progressive, ecumenical magazine, The Christian Century.

Meyers has authored seven books including this latest tome.

Dr. Meyers received his masters of divinity degree from the Graduate Seminary of Phillips University and his doctor of ministry degree from Drew University in Madison, N.J.  In 1991, he was awarded a PhD from the University of Oklahoma for his work in the area of persuasion and preaching.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said, “When was the last time you thought of going to church as dangerous? Once we changed the statues quo; now we mostly defend it.  The Underground Church tells the story of how we forgot where we come from and why we must recover our subversive roots.  Read this book if you dare. Become part of the movement if you are daring,” Tutu concluded.

“In the church my approach to Christianity is non-literal, non-dogmatic, and profoundly subversive,” said Meyers. “As a pastor I seek to build, not a collection of “believers,” but a beloved community devoted to embodying peace and justice. In the classroom, I teach the ancient canons of rhetoric, urging my students to think critically and fearlessly about what they know and why they think they know it.”

Agent Carol Mann of Publishers Weekly said “Going back to basics is not a new idea, but Meyers writes with energy, intelligence, and conviction, adding to the choir calling for Christianity in a new key.”

“Robin Meyers has spoken truth to power, and the church he loves will never be the same,” said Archbishop Tutu.

Marcus Borg, Canon Theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon said, “Read this book. Written by a wordsmith, it is a passionate and challenging call to churches to be liberated from the cultural captivity of convention and into “the underground church.”
Oklahoma native, renowned author and speaker Bill Moyers said, “DANGER:  The contents of this book are explosive and could turn the world upside down. About time!” 

Robin Meyers’ congregation describes itself as unapologetically Christian and unapologetically liberal ( He is married to artist Shawn Meyers. They are the parents of three children, Blue, Chelsea, and Cass.

“Liberals and Conservatives alike need to get over their precious theological arguments and return to their roots: corrupting the Empire by infecting it with love,” said Meyers. “My method of teaching and preaching is Socratic, grounded in the belief that the truth is accessible but often obscured, and that love is life’s highest achievement. “

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