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Zero proof ‘Mocktail’ recipes and Party guides available from AAA Oklahoma for alcohol free holiday revelers

By Darla Shelden
Contributing Writer

Just in time for the holidays, AAA’s new zero proof beverage recipes are now available at no charge for alcohol free party revelers in a brochure from AAA Oklahoma.

The recipes are original, alcohol-free creations developed by professional Oklahoma bartenders for AAA’s annual Great Pretenders Mocktail Mix-Off held recently at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel.

“Tragically, up to 40 percent of motor vehicle crashes over the holidays involve alcohol,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “Mocktails give drinkers alternatives to regular alcohol-based drinks and they allow non-drinkers a festive way to celebrate. Enjoying zero-proof drinks and using designated drivers can be life-savers.”

Here are the winning, original and non-alcoholic recipes for 2011.

Iron Star Urban BBQ
3700 N. Shartel Ave., Oklahoma City
Melissa Skaggs, Steven Schuster, Michelle Meek
1 ½ oz ginger and habanero simple syrup
2 oz carrot juice
Splash of orange juice (about ½ oz)
1 lime wedge squeezed
Top with ginger beer (non-alcoholic)
Garnish with a fresh whole habanero pepper

Republic Gastropub
5830 N. Classen, Oklahoma City
Jordan Winteroth, Daniel McClune
Hazelnut tapioca pearls
Green tea latte
Chocolate milkshake
Preparation- in a frosted pint glass, place 3 oz. of prepared chocolate milkshake. Top the milkshake with 2 T. prepared hazelnut tapioca pearls. Cover with green tea latte to within 2 inches of rim. Pipe chocolate mousse over the top to the rim of the glass.

Hazelnut tapioca pearls- pace 1 cup of raw tapioca pearls in 2 cups boiling water. Boil for 30 min. Turn off water and soak pearls for 2 hours. Turn heat back on and boil for 30 min. or until pearls achieve texture of gummy bears. Drain and rinse under cold water to stop cooking. Add hazelnut syrup to cover.
Green tea latte – mix prepared green tea with frothed milk to taste.

Red PrimeSteak
504 N. Broadway, Oklahoma City
Scott Glidewell, Katie Stump
1 oz Maine root sarsaparilla
2 oz apple juice
½ oz lemon juice
3 bar spoons pumpkin butter
Shake all ingredients and serve chilled.

Cheever’s Café
2409 N. Hudson, Oklahoma City
Brent Buchheit, Ariana Khalilian
Honey-pepper simple syrup
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
½ cup peppercorns
½ cup honey
Boil all ingredients for 8 minutes let cool. Combine 1 ½ oz honey-pepper simple syrup with 1 oz water and ¾ oz fresh lemon juice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with floating lemon wheel and cracked pepper on top of wheel.

“We have been conducting this competition for about 25 years, rotating it between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Our goal is to obtain fun, original zero-proof recipes which we can then publish in a brochure and distribute to the public in time for holiday parties,” said Mai.

In addition to the Mocktail recipes, the holiday brochure recommends that participants “Practice AAA’s ABCs of Party Giving” which includes Alcohol Alertness, Buffet recommendations and Carpooling information.

For this year’s holiday celebrations designated drivers are a great idea. Use AAA Oklahoma’s free Tipsy Tow service available now through Jan. 2, by calling 800-222-4357 (AAA-HELP) and asking for Tipsy Tow.

AAA will take you and your vehicle home – up to 15 miles from point of pick-up.

Mocktail recipes and AAA’s ABCs of party giving are available online under Safety Brochures in the AAA News & Safety section of Or call 918-748-1074 or email [email protected] to have a brochure mailed to you at no charge.

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