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OK Humane Place Spay / Neuter Clinic works to made a better community for pets, owners and everyone

By Darla Shelden

Contributing Writer

The OK Humane Place Spay / Neuter Clinic is staying busy this holiday season.

The clinic is open to anyone needing access to spay/neuter services and it is also available for all rescue groups.

The clinic’s goal is to perform surgeries that would otherwise have not been done. Pet owners who have a relationship with a private-practice veterinarian are encouraged to take their pets there. This frees up valuable surgery appointments for those pets at the most risk for having litters of puppies and kittens.

Jessica R Herron, Clinic Manger said, “The ten-dollar tomcat neuter special was originally scheduled for Dec. 5-6, however we are extending the dates of availability. We will be having another $10 dollar tomcat neuter special, Jan. 5 and 6.”

“Since our goal, as an organization is to assist Oklahoma City in becoming a no-kill city shelter by December 2012, we are aggressively targeting the four zip code areas (73107, 73108, 73109 73119) that produces the highest intake at the Oklahoma City Shelter. The special pricing for those four zip codes will not be changing anytime soon,” said Herron.

“We have several grants in place to help just about pet owner that needs assistance. We also accept SNAP vouchers from Best Friends,” said Herron.

OK Humane is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that operates solely on private donations and grants. Depending on who is the grantor, donor, or on how the grant is written, determines what specials the clinic will have available to the general public.

A variety of spay/neuter specials are currently listed on the website including: The 73109 Cat Special: OK Humane will spay/neuter any cat in zip code 73109, one of the most overpopulated areas, for free. Surgery includes rabies vaccine for cats 4 months and older. For a limited time, a Wal-Mart gift card will be given when five cats are brought in from zip code 73109 for spay/neuter surgeries.

Operation Felix is a “pay what you can pay” program for all cats living in one of the following zip codes: 73107, 73108, 73109 or 73119.

FIX-A-DOG is a “pay what you can pay” program for all adult dogs (6 months and older) living in one of the following zip codes: 73107, 73108, 73109 or 73119.

For a limited time OK Humane Clinic is offering a Fix-Your-Momma Program for pet owners living in 73107, 73108, 73109, or 73119 zip codes. People that bring in their mother dog/cat and have them fixed at the clinic’s affordable price will be eligible to have the puppies/kittens fixed for free.
The standard fee at the OK Humane clinic is only $30 to $60 to have an animal spayed or neutered.

It is never too late to spay or neuter a pet. It is best to have female pets spayed before their first heat cycle, which commonly occurs at 5 to 6 months.

Pets that are spayed/neutered have decreased or zero risk of certain types of cancer and make better companions because they are not motivated to wander in search of a mate.

Over 17,000 dogs & cats are euthanized at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter every year simply because there are not enough homes. It can cost up to $176 to capture, house and either adopt or euthanize stray an unwanted pet.

The spay/neuter operation for cats and dogs is the best and safest method of pet birth control. The unfortunate alternative to birth control is the mass destruction of millions of unwanted, surplus pets.

The clinic is open Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., at 4522 NW 16th St., in Oklahoma City.

For more information call 947-SPAY (7729) or visit

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