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Raw food enthusiasts Wendy, Barbara and Boris attend local MK Academy

Class Photo

By Darla Shelden
Contributing Writer

Students from over 30 countries including Germany and Slovenia have come to Oklahoma City to study the art of raw food cuisine at the Matthew Kenney Academy.

Wendy Thomas, Boris Lauser and Barbara Radojlovic are among the students currently enrolled at the Academy. They are passionate about becoming raw food chefs or furthering their knowledge about this healthy and artful lifestyle curriculum.

The three raw food enthusiasts are sharing their experiences at the nation’s first Raw and Living Foods educational center via the internet, using facebook, flickr and their blogs.

Wendy Thomas, from southern California, titles her blog ‘Wendy Thomas, Soon To Be Raw Vegan Chef.’ Her site says, “This blog will begin as a journal of my experience attending the Matthew Kenney Academy where I am currently being classically trained as a Raw Food Chef. One of the most important lessons I am learning in the preparation of raw food is that it’s about the experience, not only with what’s on the plate, but how this food arrived on the plate,” writes Thomas.

“For me, it’s about learning how to eat consciously and in agreement with nature. This blog is also a first step towards a bigger dream…my journey to healthy weight loss while on a whole foods plant-based diet. I encourage anyone reading to engage with me, get inspired, send ideas to inspire me, ask questions and feel free to share your thoughts.”

You will find Wendy’s daily descriptions of classes detailing how raw cuisine items are prepared, plated and composed. Thomas also promotes favorite products such as Red Maca, a superfood-food-herb and Warrior Blend the next generation raw, plant-based protein.

“I have a teaching background and would like to teach classes and eventually open my own raw and living foods chef school in southern California,” said Thomas.

Find Wendy Thomas at

Barbara Radojlovic, a talented photographer from Slovenia, came to Oklahoma City to attend the Matthew Kenney Academy.

Her blog says, “My love for food led me to teaching and then on to the stage. I decided that I would begin to share with people the gift of living foods. And not just for the love of food, but mainly for the love of the body. Once you feel the positive attributes that are provided by the organic, live, unprocessed food, there is little turning back. If you want to keep in adulthood all those great physical qualities that you had in childhood you make choosing fresh, organic food a priority.”

Barbara’s website is called Barbarella, Green Chef. She is working on the English translation, but for now Radojlovic can be found at or view her photography at

Berliner Boris Lauser, already a raw food chef, is at the Academy to hone his raw cuisine skills. His extensive online website includes his blog, recipes, catering, ayurvedic yoga massage, press articles, videos and more.

Lauser describes himself as ‘As a Spiritual Life Food Instructor,’ offering private coaching in the preparation of gourmet raw foods. He writes, “ alive living a rawsome lifestyle and having fun, eating gourmet organic vegan raw foods that promote health, rejuvenate and are safe for the environment.”

When speaking about the MK Academy Lauser said, “So far my experience has been great. I came into the Academy with 3 years of experience as a raw food chef. Trained at the Tree of Life in 2008, I have been running a private dinner club in Berlin, teaching several courses, working for retreats, seminars and coaching clients worldwide. I’ve catered international dinner events and festivals, like the raw life festival in Sweden this year, where I was head chef for a 200 people festival around the raw food life style. The school’s focus on artful plating and excellence in taste and quality has definitely left an imprint on my work.”

Upon completion of his training at MK Academy, Lauser plans to organize and lead a raw food retreat in Bali in 2012.

Find Boris Lauser at or watch

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