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Oklahoma City’s Matthew Kenney Academy attracts students from around the world

By Darla Shelden

Contributing Writer


The Matthew Kenney Academy, located in Oklahoma City, is the first licensed and classically structured Raw and Living Foods educational center in the world.

Formerly called, 105degrees, the Matthew Kenney Academy was created in response to the increasing demand for chefs skilled in the art of raw and living food preparation.

The curriculum emphasizes the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine.

The Academy, along with the Matthew Kenney OKC restaurant, is the endeavor of celebrity chef and author Matthew Kenney and Oklahoma City resident Dara Prentice.

Forbes named Matthew Kenney OKC one of America’s Best New Restaurants in 2010.

Raw food is also referred to as living cuisine for the healthy natural enzymes protected in the food by keeping its temperature below 105 degrees Fahrenheit during preparation.

A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, Matthew Kenney started his career 20 years ago when he was named one of the Ten Best New Chefs in America by Food and Wine Magazine. He has received two James Beard Nominations for Rising Star Chef in America. He is the author of several cookbooks, including Raw Food Real World, Everyday Raw and Entertaining in the Raw.

When Matthew first ate at a restaurant that served raw vegan dishes he was immediately changed.  Originally, he concentrated mostly on vegetables but ultimately made the switch to creating raw food cuisine, which altered his entire way of cooking, eating, and living.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that my mission as a chef was to teach more people about this cuisine and how great it could taste and how great it could be for our health,” said Kenney.


Opened in 2009, the newly constructed Academy was designed to provide an optimal learning setting for its students. In its first two years, Matthew Kenney Academy has graduated students from over 30 countries.

Wendy Thomas, from southern California is attending the academy and is blogging about her experience, she wrote: “For me, it’s about learning how to eat consciously and in agreement with nature. I came all the way to Oklahoma for two months to learn as much as I can and I want to make the most of this experience. I’ve learned a lot, made mistakes, learned from those mistakes and in the end, I am very thankful for every moment.”

Boris Lauser, a student from Berlin said, “I came into the Academy with 3 years of experience as a raw food chef. However, the Academy course starts at a contemporary high level of raw cuisine and only 2 weeks into the course, we started doing exciting fermentation, including coconut yogurt and tree nut cheeses. The school’s focus on artful plating and excellence in taste and quality has definitely left an imprint on my work.“

The intimate class size and personalized instruction, under the supervision of Megan Massoth, the Academy Director and lead instructor, allows for a hands-on experience within a state-of-the-art commercial living foods kitchen.

The one-to-two month long training for chef certification, prepares students for careers in the many areas of the fast-growing field of culinary arts emphasizing health and sustainability. It includes opportunities in spas and restaurants, catering outlets and culinary educational centers.

“I invite you to come learn with me to make the world a healthier place, one bite at a time.” said Matthew Kenney.
“I was 5 years into raw food, and I want to open my own raw and vegan food café, where I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I came to MK Academy because I am a raw food chef, and teach my own classes in Slovenia and I have an online store for raw and vegan lifestyle,” said MK Academy student, Barbara Radojlovic.  “I have just graduated Level 1 of the MK Academy and on December 24th I will graduate Level 2.”

The Academy course schedule and curricula, crafted by Matthew Kenney, and a newsletter to keep up with the latest at Matthew Kenney Academy are available online.  To enroll call 405.842.1050 or visit

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