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Magic Lantern to offer children magical Halloween wonders. A night of light instead of fright

Staff Report


Imagination sparks on Paseo at the Magic Lantern Celebration on Sunday, October 30 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00pm. For this annual event children and their parents are invited to descend upon the streets of Paseo to enter a world of make believe.

Paseo galleries open their doors to children of all ages to offer a hands-on arts experience befitting the fall season with a different twist to the Halloween tradition.  This year’s theme for the Magic Lantern Celebration, “Begone”, encourages children to jump into their own creativity and have fun doing it as they stage an extravaganza inspired by scarecrows.

“Paseo artists eagerly anticipate the authentic artwork children dream up on this occasion”, says Lorrie Keller of Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan who designs the event.  “All children and parents become delightfully involved in this celebration while doing and discovering.  During the Magic Lantern Celebration, I am fascinated to see children immersed in the creative process.  Their faces just glow.”

Children become characters from their own imaginations by creating original costumes. They come to Paseo in jeans or skirts and visit art studios where paper, pumpkins and shiny wonders await them to build their costumes over their everyday clothing.  Children get to make their own choices as they twist, tear, stuff and embellish paper of all kinds into wearable art.  Working side by side with artists in the creative process, everyone shares fascination as unique characters spring to life.

When the costumes are finished and each child has made a wish during a visit to the “Wish Finder”, the celebration will culminate in a ‘Spin and Sparkle Parade’ where through a giant squiggly pathway painted in the form of a pumpkin on the street.  The dances of Theatre upon a StarDanceSwan and musician, Steve McLinn of Ojas, plan to sneak onto the pumpkin labyrinth with surprises for all.

The Magic Lantern Celebration is designed to happen rain or shine.  Workshops are free to the public, and donations are appreciated.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Activities begin at the north end of Paseo at NW 30 and Dewey Ave. The Oklahoma Arts Council, Paseo Arts Association and Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan make the event possible.

For more information contact, Lorrie Keller; [email protected]; 306.2738 or

Jo Wise; [email protected]; 330.1331

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