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Metaphysics teaching session at OCU on Saturday called “life-changing” by many

Left: Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor, College of Metaphysics Right: Oklahoma City School of Metaphysics Director Doug Bannister is joined in the school library by Ivy Norris. Photo by Stacy Martin

By Stacy Martin
Managing Editor

Who would want to be able to reach their fullest potential and to have the added benefits of experience that all the love and goodness the world has to offer?

Sound impossible in this stress-drenched world? It’s not. These can be the benefits of a steady commitment to learning the art and practice of the science of metaphysics.

Oklahoma City residents will have a rare opportunity to experience the teachings of a 40-year veteran of the science – Dr. Daniel Condron, chancellor of the College of Metaphysics near Springfield, Mo. The College has 16 branches nationwide, including one in Oklahoma City, 908 NW 12 St. Many who have attended his teaching sessions have described them as life-changing and come back to learn more.

The elements within Metaphysics are too numerous to detail on one newspaper article.

But Dr. Condron has skillfully broken it down into three basic benefits which are the title of his Sept. 24 teaching: “Still Mind, Present Moment, Open heart” And Dr. Condron’s teaching this Saturday will provide a distilled version of the essential tools to achieve them.

“It all starts with concentration,” Dr. Condron said from the Missouri campus. “To be effective in any area of our life, to reach our full potential, we need to be able to focus, to concentrate, and give our full attention to the task at hand or whatever we put our minds to.”

One exercise used involves a lighted candle. Students are asked to give their attention to the candle, focusing only on the flame. Every time their mind strays, they mark it down on a piece of paper. In this way, they realize that they can build the ability to hold their attention on what they choose for as long as they choose.
This and other exercises ultimately help students build the needed skills to concentrate and develop the ability to look within to understand the self. Another benefit is identification of areas of stress. With better concentration, stress can then be more easily improved.

The greater concentration then leads to the next step, meditation. Then, with a quality meditation practice, one is better able to receive what is needed from inside the self, the older and wiser part of self. Added benefits include being able to better visualize success and learning to be fully present in the moment.

Being fully in the present moment is a pivotal point along the path to personal growth, the college chancellor said.

This skill is applicable to a multitude of priorities someone might have: becoming a high-achieving better student; an outstanding athlete; a more attentive, loving parent; have a more successful and personally gratifying career. There is something for everyone in metaphysics’ teachings.

“We teach how to be in the present moment so we can be who we really want to be and create what we really want in our lives, right now, in the present moment and find fulfillment in the present moment,” Dr. Condron said.

The benefits don’t stop there, he added. Success would be incomplete without joy.

“It opens our hearts up to greater and greater love, universal love, infinite love, instead of just living in the rat race,” he said.

Once fully learned and integrated into daily life, the benefits are lasting.

Greater success, personal fulfillment and more love. Can’t it be said that this is a life many are searching for?

Dr. Condron’s teaching is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturday Sept. 24.Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The location is the third floor Robert E. Meinders School of Business, NW 27 and McKinley. The cost is $125. Discounts are available for groups of four or more.

Morning snacks and a healthy nourishing lunch will be provided, as well as the book, “Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart”, and the program workbook. For information, visit or call (405) 228-0506.

Editor’s Note: For nearly 40 years Dr. Daniel Condron has taught metaphysics and will share his insights on ways to find deeper truth and knowing. He is a renowned teacher of Mind and Consciousness and is the Director of the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, Missouri. He has appeared on national television programs including The Today Show and has been a guest on hundreds of national and international radio programs. Dr. Condron is the author of more than a dozen books, such as the The Emptiness Sutra, Permanent Healing, and The Tao Te Ching Interpreted and Explained.

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