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Softball players benefit from latest technological pitching machine


By Joni Menton

Staff Writer

In the world of elite fast pitch softball, a high tech “Virtual Reality” pitching simulator has now become accessible for competitive softball athletes in Oklahoma City.

The participation of women in intensely competitive sports continues to grow in the United States and abroad. With the significantly increased profile of women’s sports, sophisticated training regimens have become standard procedure for the female athlete.

Irrefutably, when it comes to training to be an exceptional competitor, women seek peak performance in all aspects of their chosen athletic endeavor.

The ProBatter PX2 softball simulator is extremely realistic by recreating the experience of facing a live pitcher through an integration of the most recent computer and video technology with a precision ball delivery mechanism.

Newly developed software allows users to control every feature of the unit via a large touch screen that eliminates the need for adjustments of individual batters.

The PX2 can deliver an endless assortment of pitches at a professional level speed of 70mph, adjustable in 2mph increments, including fastballs, change-ups, droppers, risers, and screwballs.

“Conveniently, however the ProBatter system is available here in Oklahoma City for girls and young women who are pursuing their goals of maximizing their softball skills.

The PX2 softball simulator is located at the SWAT Softball and Baseball Academy training center at 6909 W. Hefner Road Suite B-17. The public is welcome to swing by and check out this “Virtual Reality” system for themselves. The cost is $50.00 per hour and group rates are available to allow teams to come in and train together.

“We’re very excited to offer the softball version of the PX2 to players and coaches who have been asking for the best training tool available,” said Adam Battersby, executive vice president of ProBatter Sports. These pitching simulators allow a hitter to face a life-sized image of a real pitcher projected on an 8’x10’ screen. Utilizing proprietary technology, a softball is delivered through a small hole in the display screen, impeccably synchronized with the video illustration. Batters benefit from the pinpoint precision, allowing them to work on individual weaknesses in their swing and adjustments to their stance. The ProBatter system is the best training tool I’ve ever seen,” claims Roy Burlison, legendary pitcher and member of the National Softball Hall of Fame. Many players just want to clobber the ball. The simulator is great because it helps develop solid hitting fundamentals, with batters learning how to make good contact.”

“There are no collegiate softball teams that have purchased a ProBatter system for training-so far, said Elliott Chang.” a representative for the company. This is mostly due to economics, as budgets are traditionally very tight for softball. However, the flagship PX2 baseball simulator is currently being utilized by several Division 1 college baseball teams throughout the nation.

For additional information and hours of operation call 405-720-2055 or visit

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