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Oral Roberts’ gay grandson to be public face of 2011 AIDS Walk

Randy Roberts Potts

Randy Roberts Potts
staff report

Randy Roberts Potts, gay grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts, has been selected as the 2011 AIDS Walk Grand Marshall.

After being selected for the position, Potts said that he was shocked but very happy. At the 2011 AIDS Walk, he will serve as a public face of the walk. Although unsure as to how he was selected for the honor, Potts thinks it may have stemmed from how much writing and speaking he has done recently.

Potts has spent a majority of his career working with adolescents. He has worked with juvenile delinquents on the East Coast. He has done social work in Oklahoma City. He spent five years as a middle school English teacher and is now reaching out to youth in a different way.

Recently, he wrote about his life experiences in the book “It Gets Better.” Along with that, he put out a video on his personal website over his story as a gay youth living in an evangelical community. His contribution to this book is accredited to the connection he has made with the youth for so long.

“About a year ago, Dan Savage created a project that was designed for LGBT youth to send a message that it gets better,” said Potts. “I decided to join the project. I have always had a heart for young kids, so that is how it came about, working with teens for a long time.”

Randy’s excerpt in “It Gets Better” has touched the lives of many teens around the country. He has received positive feedback on multiple occasions, saying he offered the reader a new perspective that gave them hope.

Potts currently lives in Dallas, TX where he spends most of his time writing and speaking. He is currently working on his own book about his life story while trying to reach out to the evangelical community on how they approach his lifestyle.

“It is going a lot better than you would think,” he said. “I have learned that there really are evangelical Christians who want to find a different tactic for their treatment of homosexuals. I think changes are happening.”

And Potts’ efforts to strengthen the gay community do not stop there. He is currently working with playwright Ryan Tofil and director Matthew Corozine on an Off-Broadway play based on his life’s events. It is set to run Fall 2011 in New York City.

As Grand Marshall for the 2011 AIDS Walk, Potts is most excited about returning to Oklahoma City to see what all has happened since he set off on his personal journey.

In addition to hosting Potts, other public names include Jonathan Kayne and Mychael Knight, top five finalists on the hit television show “Project Runway.” They provided the fashion collections for the fashion-forward fundraising event that takes place the Thursday prior to the AIDS Walk. It will be located at the Skirvin hotel on the 10th floor.

This year’s walk will take place on Sept. 25.

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