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Oklahoma City ends mandatory odd/even water rotation, encourages voluntary conservation

Oklahoma City has ended the mandatory odd/even watering rotation program but continues to encourage voluntary outdoor watering conservation, beginning at 9 a.m. today, August 11.

City officials sincerely thank the residents and businesses that were instrumental in helping everyone maintain adequate water pressure during many days of record high temperatures.
The end of the watering rotation program is no indication that the drought is completely over, and the metro area may still see more triple-digit temperatures before summer ends.

Using water wisely, especially outdoors, will help everyone have good water pressure and save money. Water used on the yard is treated tap water.

Tips for voluntary outdoor watering conservation:
• Concentrate watering trees, shrubs and cool-weather grasses that will die if not watered.
• Let Bermuda grass go dormant. It will come back in the fall.
• Make sure sprinklers water the grass and not the concrete.
• Avoid watering when it’s windy.
• Water in the early morning or late evening hours to prevent water lost to evaporation.

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